B/CLAD Teacher Education and Credentialing Reform
CABE 2002 Conference
San Jose, California
February 1, 2002

There have been dramatic and sweeping changes in bilingual teacher education. This teacher credentialing institute will inform CABE members about the changes in credentialing laws and procedures. The institute provides an opportunity for discussion about the implications of SB 2042 and AB 1059 on teacher education and induction programs. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing has established a deadline for submission of redesigned programs for teachers of English language learners of July 1, 2002. This institute is designed as a hands-on program design workshop for teacher educators and school district professional development personnel to examine options and alternatives for effective implementation of the new legal requirements and SB 2042 standards.

8:30-9:00 Overview of the Institute and Introductions

9:00-9:45 Information Presentation: SB 2042 and AB 1059 requirements Margaret Olebe

9:45-11:00 Panel: Implications and Alternatives from Teacher Preparation Programs

Jill Kerper Mora
Interim Associate Director of the School of Teacher Education
San Diego State University

John Attinasi
Director of Bilingual Teacher Education
CSU Long Beach

Alberto Ochoa
Chair of the Department of Policy Studies in Language and Cross-cultural Education
San Diego State University

Sheryl Santos
Dean of the School of Education
CSU Bakersfield

Joan Wink
Professor of Education
CSU Stanislaus

Natalie Kuhlman
Professor of Policy Studies and Coordinator of the CSU Mexico BCLAD Program
San Diego State University


Group Breakout Sessions: Institutional Impact and Implementation


Panel Members and

Evangelina Bustamante Jones
Assistant Professor of Policy Studies
San Diego State University

Cristina Alfaro
Clinical Professor and Doctoral Candidate
SDSU/Claremont Joint Doctoral Program

Ruben Espinoza
Professor of Policy Studies
San Diego State University

1:00-2:15 Presenters: Joan Wink, Jill Kerper Mora, Evangelina Bustamante Jones, James Rodriguez

Examination of redesign models for CLAD/BCLAD Programs

2:30- 3:30 Discussion of models and implementation plan design

Participants, panel members and facilitators

Description: Bilingual Teacher Credentialing Institute

This institute provides information and opportunities for discussion of the impact of changes in CLAD and BCLAD credentialing requirements on teacher education programs under SB 2042 and AB 1059. The institute includes presentations, panel discussions, and facilitated participant interaction focused on analysis and creation of alternatives for teacher credential and certification programs under the new Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements. Presenters include deans and directors of teacher education programs involved in meeting the CCTC deadline of July 1, 2002 for submission of redesigned programs.

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