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Featured Speakers Presentation Form
1. Person submitting proposal:
Name: Dr. Glenn DeVoogd
Affiliation:California State University Fresno
Phone: Work (559) 278 0279
Home: ( 559) 229 4867
Names of Co-Presenters:
1. Name: P. David Pearson
Affiliation: UC Berkeley
2. Name: Mary Ellen Vogt
Affiliation:CSU Long Beach
3. Name: Joan Wink
Affiliation: CSU Stanislaus

2. Type of Meeting:
Session (1 hour)
Workshop (2 hours and 15 minutes)

3. Technology Presentation:
A 1-hour session with a presentation station.
2. Workshop: A 2-hour and 15 minute workshop with a presentation station. Mac Windows

4. Audience: All
    5. Focus Strands:
Literacy Instruction

6. Title of Session:
Between the Lines: Helping Readers Understand Bias with Critical Literacy

7. Abstract:
This session will provide you with a rationale and instructional strategies to help students become aware of the obvious and subtle biases that exist in all written materials.

8. Session Description:
After a short introduction to critical literacy by Glenn DeVoogd, the three panel members will speak about different aspects of bias and critical literacy leaving time to answer questions.

A. Session Goals/Objectives:
B. Session Content

Our objectives are: 1) to define critical literacy as recognizing bias and challenging the text, 2) to express the need for critical literacy and 3) give some examples of how it is practiced.