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Table of Contents

    2. Critical Pedagogy: How in the World Did I Get into This?

  • The Benson Kids: Teaching is Learning.
  • Learn, Relearn, and Unlearn Your Way to Critical Pedagogy.
  • Looking Ahead for Your Stories of Relearning and Unlearning.
  • Practicing Pedagogy Patiently.
    3. Critical Pedagogy: What in the World Do You Think It Is?

  • Dawn Does Critical Pedagogy.
  • Language of Possibility—Language of Critique.
  • Vygotsky: Reaching Back to Move Forward.
  • Word By Word.
  • Banking Model of Education.
  • Conscientization.
  • Codification.
  • Dialectic.
  • Dialogue.
  • Discourse.
  • Hegemony.
  • Hidden Curriculum.
  • Literacies.
  • Pedagogy.
  • Praxis.
  • Problem Posing.
  • To Groom.
  • To Name.
  • To Marginalize.
  • To School.
  • To Silence.
  • To Socialize.
  • Voice.
  • Looking Ahead For Your Thoughts and Language in Critical Pedagogy.
  • Practicing Pedagogy Patiently.
    4. Critical Pedagogy: What in the World Do I Think It Is?

  • How I Came to These Understandings of Critical Pedagogy.
  • History Helps: Three Perspectives.
  • Practicing Pedagogy Patiently.
    5. Critical Pedagogy: Where in the World Did It Come From?

  • The Latin Voice.

    Paulo Freire

  •     Figure 5.1 Critical Roots
  • The European Voice.Declaration: Kids Need to Learn
  • The Eastern Voice.
  • The North American Voice.
  • Looking Ahead For New Leaders: You!
  • Practicing Pedagogy Patiently.
    7. Critical Pedagogy: How in the World Do You Do It With Families?

  • Models of Parental Involvement.
  • Family Graph.
  • Putting the Home Back in Homework.
  • Reflection to Action.
  • School Families.
  • A Library in the Community: Cow Jumped Over the Moon.
  • Electronic Communities of Families.
  • Galileo: Walking, Observing, Talking, and Recording.
  • Practicing Pedagogy Patiently.
    8. Critical Pedagogy: Why In The World Does It Matter?

  • Students of the Twenty-First Century.
  • The Pedagogy of a Caring Heart and Critical Eyes.
  • Pedagogy of Courage and Patience.
  • Time. Time. Time.
  • From Buttercup to Power.
  • Teachers Taught Me, Too.
  • Now Here is the Point.
  • To Make a Difference.
  • Looking Ahead For More Elusive Answers.
  • Practicing Pedagogy Patiently.