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The Power of Story

Table of Contents


  • All We Want Is a Story
  • My Perspective
  • The Birth of this Book
  • Dedication
  • Table of Contents

1. Loving That Literacy

2. Loving Those Stories

3. Animals and the Alphabet

4. High-Stakes Stories

  • One Student, One Teacher, One Day, One Test
  • Introduction
  • First, a Little History: 100 Years in a Thousand Words
  • Steve Stories: The Research and the Cure
  • So, What Is the Problem?
  • So, What Is the Solution?
  • Storytelling: GLAD®
  • Reflective Teaching and Learning
  • Now, What Do We Do? Socratic Seminars
  • Conclusion

5. Of Immigrants and Imagination

  • The Kids from the Congo
  • Introduction
  • From the Congo to Wyoming
  • Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
  • Storytelling is Storytelling is Storytelling: In Any Language
  • The More, The Better
  • Steve Stories: High Five
  • Now, What Do We Do? TPRS
  • Conclusion

6. Into the Cloud

  • Introduction
  • Why Read?
  • How I Like to Read
  • What Is Digital Literacy?
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Remember those Different Paths to Literacy?
  • Steve Stories: Reading in Qatar
  • Now What Do We Do? Storytelling Digitally
  • Conclusion

7. Patience and Fortitude: The Future

  • Introduction
  • Hands off our Patience and Fortitude
  • What Are Libraries Like Right Now?
  • What Libraries Will Be Like in 10 Years
  • Steve Stories: The Power of Reading
  • Now What Do We Do? Library Mapping
  • Reflecting and Learning Together When All Have Completed Their Individual Tasks
  • Conclusion
  • Epilogue: There Will Be Consequences
  • A Call to Action