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    Display of Data or Doodles?
    by Joan Wink – January 17, 2018

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Recently, I posted a Steve Krashen (2005) article about what good writers (GWs) do, and what good academic writers (GAWs) do.  This triggered a discussion with friend/colleague, Dr. Le Putney of UNLV, as she noted that Krashen says that GAWs begin with some type of display of […]

    Jack Frost or Robert Frost?
    by Joan Wink – January 15, 2018

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In December, I went to one of our local* rural schools on the prairies to read some stories.  One book, which I took, was a gorgeous version of Robert Frost’s famed poem, “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening,” illustrated by Susan Jeffers.       […]

    Krashen: How how good writers, write.
    by Joan Wink – January 2, 2018

    (pens/pencils from Dreamstime, 60890206)   Dear WinkWorld Readers, Recently,  Steve Krashen reminded me of a paper he had published in 2005, and I liked it so much this time around, that I even printed it.   The paper focuses on how good writers write.  At the bottom of this WinkWorld, I […]

    Krashen/McQuillan (2018). Should we encourage e-reading? (in press)
    by Joan Wink – December 28, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I am sharing this one with permission.  Happy Reading, Everyone. Krashen 2018 Should we encourage e-reading? This is the question I explore in “Into The Cloud” chapter 6 of my new book, “The Power of Story.”  Below,  I am posting a peak into this chapter.  Thank you, […]

    The Harvest of my Career: And, a Refugee from Chad
    by Joan Wink – December 17, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, The harvest of my career: This is how I think of my time on the Board of Regents in South Dakota (BOR).  I am honored, and my new friends on the board know all sorts of things that I don’t know.  Recently, after a long series of BOR meetings with […]

    A Creative Table of Contents: Missy and Susan
    by Joan Wink – December 9, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As I mentioned in the previous WinkWorld, people begin to create amazing gifts to give to an author after her book is published. For example, Missy Urbaniak, created a visual Table of Contents (TOC) for me during the long months when I was writing.  I have shared […]

    The Good and the Bad of Publishing a Book: My Mighty Marketing Team
    by Joan Wink – December 4, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, There is such joy in finishing a book and finally holding it in your hands.  The good is that people do really nice things for you, and the bad is that the publisher wants you to get to work and market, market, market–if I have learned one […]

    “The Power of Story” Is Now Available
    by Joan Wink – November 27, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, The birthing of a new book: There is just nothing quite like it.  After months/years of musing, walking around staring, procrastinating, and finally writing and agonizing privately over words, ideas, sentences, sections, paragraphs, images, permissions, citations, and sleepless nights, it all suddenly is worth it when a […]

    Name Dropped from WinkWorld Readership
    by Joan Wink – November 14, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I have recently learned that the software for WinkWorld dropped a few names from the readership.  I believe this to be a software glitch.  I use–not   The reason I know this is because my name is one of those which was dropped.   WinkWorld also goes […]

    The Price of Books
    by Joan Wink – November 11, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers,   Steve Krashen has warned us about pricing ourselves out of the market, if our books are long, boring, and too expensive.  I know  you all understand that we, academic writers, do not set our own book prices–the publishers build the books for us, and they control the income […]

    A great trip to AZ and CA
    by Joan Wink – October 22, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I’ve been lucky to enjoy a couple of great trips the last month. First, I went to California State University, Stanislaus to cheer wildly while President Emerita Marvalene Hughes was honored when the reflecting pond entering the campus was named after her. It was wonderful to see lots […]

    DSU: What does a cyber attack look like?
    by Joan Wink – October 16, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers Did you ever wonder what a cyber attack looks like? Dakota State University has an wall-sized monitor in a very large public room which captures visually where the attacks come from and where they go. The huge monitor is real-time, and it is mesmerizing to see it. […]

    Linda Darling-Hammond to you from Diane Ravitch
    by Joan Wink – October 13, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Diane Ravitch is generously sharing with all of us the opportunity to hear Linda Darling-Hammond, October 19, Thursday, 7:30 EST.  It will be live-streamed, and a video will be available after the presentation. Below I am attaching Diane’s announcement and also a link to her page for […]

    Judith Green: Ethnography
    by Joan Wink – October 10, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I am still lucky enough to work with a few doc students, and this post is specifically for them.  To those doc students (you know who you are), this post does not relate to your individual dissertation plans, but it is always good to hear to what […]

    Prairie Pedagogy: The Scientific Method
    by Joan Wink – October 7, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers,  The following story is about the Scientific Method and some of my pitiful house plants.  I realize that in some places in CA a blooming geranium is really not much more than an annoying weed, but not on the prairies.  For years, I have tried to get even one […]

    Project GLAD(R): See you soon!
    by Joan Wink – September 29, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld readers, soon I will be teaching/learning with a marvelous group of Project GLAD(R) teachers of Orange Country Office of Education, CA. GLAD teachers, the images and words, which you generate with students are so amazing.  I hope you will share some of your projects with us. Below, I am […]

    Prairie Pedagogy: Scones and Croquet
    by Joan Wink – September 25, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, if you follow this blog, you know that I love to visit Atall School, which is a rural school about 40 miles from our ranch. A few years ago, when I first started to visit, there was only one teacher, Missy Urbaniak, who was responsible for the content […]

    Chicken Little Was Right.
    by Joan Wink – August 31, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Sometimes the roles of writer, rancher, and/or professor blur a bit–for example, today. I got up early again today to take my walk and then begin working on my page proofs for the day, where some permission questions needed my focus.  What are page proofs? Page proofs are […]

    Bilingual Bibliography
    by Joan Wink – August 23, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As you know, WinkWorld tends to be whatever is lying around on my desk or my computer desktop.  Today I am sharing a bilingual bibliography, which I worked on for a specific project, which did not evolve, but the bibliography might be of use to some of […]

    Dakota State University: Small, but Mighty
    by Joan Wink – August 19, 2017

      Dear WinkWorld Readers, As part of the South Dakota Board of Regents, I get to work with very good people on very challenging agenda items, as there will never be enough money to fund our dreams for the university system.  In addition, I get to know interesting places better.  For example, […]

    Sing it, Reba. Thank you, Patricia Polacco.
    by Joan Wink – August 16, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, sing it, wherever you are.   I would not have known about this song without the wisdom and generosity of  Patricia Polacco on Facebook.  

    STEM Crisis? What is the evidence?
    by Joan Wink –

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Sometimes this blog has tidbits which interest some of you.  Sometimes, not so much.  However, WinkWorld also serves as a library of ideas which interest me.  Once, I create a blog on a topic, it is easy for me (and for you) to access.   Just find […]

    A Morning Walk on the Prairies
    by Joan Wink – August 7, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Just a little glimpse into one morning last week on the ranch. First, I did my 6 mile walk. While I was walking, I saw a Golden Eagle, although my photo of it was not as good as the one I am posting here. On my walk, […]

    Scaffolding with Students: What? Why? How?
    by Joan Wink – August 6, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, A colleague and I were discussing scaffolding, which led me to review some of my materials.  The purpose of this post to share a few materials on scaffolding. First, what is scaffolding? Scaffolding is how we structure our strategies to make content more comprehensible and compelling for […]

    Whole Language Umbrella, Tucson 2017
    by Joan Wink – July 24, 2017

    It happened: I hit PUBLISH after the draft only version.  Every blogger’s worse nightmare. Forgive me. I’ll edit and be back ASAP.   Dear WinkWorld Readers, The Whole Language Umbrella conference in Tucson was wonderful, and I will share a few highlights, in no particular order. First, What Is Whole Language?  Thank […]

    The Power of Story Chapter Seven
    by Joan Wink – July 21, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Chapter Seven, Patience and Fortitude, is the final chapter of the book.  Patience and Fortitude are the names of the two marble lion statues, which guard the entrance to the New York Public Library.   Katie Knox captures one of the lions in her image posted below.   The visual […]

    The Power of Story Chapter Six
    by Joan Wink –

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Here we go with a peak into chapter six, Into the Clouds.  This is the pixel or paper chapter. I have previously written about this on 9-12-16 ad 9-20-16, which you can find at WinkWorld News at I love the look at this mom’s face, as she watches her son read […]

    The Power of Story Chapter Five
    by Joan Wink – July 20, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers,  On we go to chapter five, Of Immigrants and Imagination. First, an mage that chapter, which Katie Knox created for me. Thanks, Katie. Enjoy Japan. Next a story map (visual Table of Contents), which Missy Urbaniak created for me. Thanks, Missy. And, finally a selected sample story from this chapter–yes, […]

    The Power of Story Chapter Four
    by Joan Wink –

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Here we go with a glimpse into chapter four, High-Stakes Stories.  Remember all of those feel-good stories of the first three chapters? In this chapter, I’m going to tell you what doesn’t feel good, a punishing approach to mandated testing. In this image from Katie Knox, you can see […]

    The Power of Story Chapter Three
    by Joan Wink – July 19, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I’m back with a glimpse into chapter three, Animals and the Alphabet.  Yesterday on a early morning walk to one of my fav libraries in Tucson, Himmel Park Library, I was enjoying all of the clever sayings on the sidewalk of bricks, which are given as donations to help […]

    The Power of Story: Chapter Two
    by Joan Wink – July 18, 2017

    Hi WinkWorld Readers,  I am still sitting here working on copy edits and sharing a bit as I go. Here is a glimpse of Chapter Two, Loving Those Stories, from forthcoming The Power of Story from Libraries Unlimited ABC-CLIO. a)First, I want to share an image from Katie Knox. b)Next I want to […]

    The Power of Story: Chapter One
    by Joan Wink –

    OK, WinkWorld Readers, here is a little overview of chapter one, as I finish the copy edit for this section. Remember, first an image, next a visual Table of Contents, and finally one story from chapter one. An image from Katie Knox in Chapter One, Loving that Literacy   Visual […]

    The Power of Story: Preface
    by Joan Wink –

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As I mentioned in an earlier blog posting this a.m., I am in the midst of a copy edit blitz, and as I finish the copy edit for each section, I will share briefly. My plan is to share (a) an image from Katie Knox from each chapter; (b) […]

    Hunkered Down on My Dear Desert
    by Joan Wink – July 17, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Time to hunkered down on my dear desert and begin/end all of the copy edits from the book compositors, who are the people who use laser focus on each word, sentence, image, citation of each page to make the book as clean as possible.  Now, it is my […]

    Prairie Pedagogy: Trailin Talks Trucks
    by Joan Wink – July 10, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers,  If you have been following my blog, you are aware that one book project, “The Power of Story” is nearly finished, and I’ll soon be turning to the next writing project.  Since I have been collecting stories about the kids at Atall School, a one-room school in a […]

    The Power of Story (my next book)
    by Joan Wink – July 2, 2017

    Hey WinkWorld Readers, Look what I just found on my publisher’s webpages; I had not yet seen this cover.  The compositor and I still have a little work to do later this month. At that time I plan to share some visual chapter summaries, which Missy Urbaniak created for me. […]

    Prairie Pedagogy: Paul Interviews Missy
    by Joan Wink – May 10, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Meet the wonderful Atall School (K-8) of Meade County, South Dakota.  As some of you know, I have been reading and sharing books with this group of students for the past three or four years. I am loving the memories, which we are creating.  The truth: I […]

    Personalized Learning = CBE: Ka-ching.
    by Joan Wink – April 26, 2017

      Dear WinkWorld Readers, What in the world is personalized learning?  It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Be careful.  I have a hunch that it is called personalized learning to fool well-meaning people. I fear that it means one little person sitting in front of a computer (which the district has to […]

    What is the ZPD? Or, How To Clean A White Board, or Mumbo Jumbo Theory
    by Joan Wink – April 12, 2017

      Dear WinkWorld Readers, I was recently reminded of this story, which was published originally in “A Vision of Vygotsky,” a book which Le Putney and I wrote and published in 2002. I’ll post the complete citation at the end of this blog post. Yes, in this article, you will […]

    Steven M. Singer: Kids are a captive market for the testing industry.
    by Joan Wink – April 11, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers,  In the previous WinkWorld, I shared Nancy Bailey’s thoughts on what happens when librarians are replaced by computers. In what follows, I will share a recent blog from Steven M. Singer, where he demonstrates that the kids are really a captive market for the testing industry. I hope […]

    Nancy Bailey: Librarians or Computers?
    by Joan Wink – April 10, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I rarely repost another’s blog, as there is already access for all.  However, recently, there have been two blogs (one from Nancy Bailey and another from Steven Singer), which I really want to highlight for you. First, Nancy Bailey asks/answers the question: How are students hurt by […]

    Reading During the Testing Season
    by Joan Wink – April 8, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This post is for all the teachers who are slogging through testing season.  Teachers, I know you know all that I am posting below, but sometimes it just helps to be reminded of what really works when it comes to reading and learning.  As you go through […]

    Those People: You Know How They Are
    by Joan Wink – March 30, 2017

      Dear WinkWorld Readers, Recently, while working on a project with CO colleagues, I came across this long-forgotten article buried deep in my computer, which was published 10 years ago.  For me, it seems relevant today also. However, one caveat: Do NOT read this unless you read to the end of […]

    Pre-K Babes Who Speak Other Languages at Home: What do we do?
    by Joan Wink – February 18, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers,  A colleague in Colorado invited me to work with her during an online inservice in late March. The participants are Pre-K professionals: leaders and service-providers. The Pre-K babes in their classes tend to come from homes, where other languages are used. Spanish is the target language for many, but […]

    IJFLT Shares Recent Stephen D. Krashen Videos.
    by Joan Wink – February 14, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, IJFLT (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching), a fav journal, just published two recent (November 2016) videos from Steve Krashen.   Did I mention that IJFLT is, not only hot, but also free!  Yes, it is for foreign language folks, but it has lots of short and compelling articles […]

    A Valentine’s Greeting: Thank you, Krista Tippett
    by Joan Wink –

      Dear WinkWorld Readers,  Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity for me to share one of my favorite radio shows, “On Being” with Krista Tippett, which is available every Sunday a.m. on NPR.  She always interviews a guest, who is often new to me, but I always benefit from new ideas […]

    How are US Schools doing when compared with schools internationally?
    by Joan Wink – February 11, 2017

    Thank you, Katie Knox, for your drawing. Dear WinkWorld Readers, How are our schools doing when we compare them with schools from other countries? Fine. Just fine. It is a myth to think that our schools aren’t doing well.  This myth has been propagated by those who would like you […]

    Verbal to Visual: Teachers, Students, Librarians, Readers, and Writers
    by Joan Wink – January 16, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Just a fast post to share a great example of how to jazz up Cornell Notes, have fun, and learn more deeply.  This video takes about 10 minutes: 5 minutes of ideas for ‘how-to,’ and 5 more minutes of an example from the creator of Verbal to […]

    Post-truth, Fake News, Elephants, and Stories
    by Joan Wink – January 8, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I hate it that the Oxford Dictionary now even has a definition for ‘post-truth,’ which they have chosen as the 2016-word-of-the-year. They say that post-truth is “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” […]

    Road Warrior Literacy
    by Joan Wink – January 6, 2017

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I gave myself a little break from writing and from social media during the holidays.  However, I’m back and working on the manuscript for “The Power of Story” forthcoming from Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO.  I suspect you might be getting a lot of stories in the next issues of […]

    Flat Stanley, or Jaylee on a Journey with Joan
    by Joan Wink – November 21, 2016

      Dear WinkWorld Readers, Some of you are aware of Flat Stanley and Flat Stella literacy and community project.  The primary purpose is to connect children and classrooms with others in other locations.  This international process began in 1964, when Jeff Brown published his first “Flat Stanley” book for children. […]

    Teaching as Mentoring.
    by Joan Wink – November 12, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Some of you may remember that last February I wrote a WinkWorld to honor the work of Richard Ruíz of the University of Arizona, who died suddenly and too soon.  Later in the year, I continued this writing and published a chapter, Teaching as Mentoring, in Bilingual Review/Revista […]

    Storytelling, Listening, and Love by Dr. Janet Towell
    by Joan Wink – October 25, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Some of you know my dear friend and colleague, Janet Towell, of Florida Atlantic University.  Janet and I taught together and laughed a lot at CSU Stanislaus. Enjoy what she just wrote yesterday after returning from the reunion sponsored by Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) […]

    GLAD: Guided Language Acquisition Design
    by Joan Wink – October 19, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I have been revisiting Project GLAD and want to share a peak into the process.  First, I will generically describe this professional development, and then I will share two examples: one in English and one in French.  Please remember that I have not been through the professional development […]

    Spiral of Literacy with a New Blank Spiral for Your Own Use
    by Joan Wink – October 17, 2016

    Hi WinkWorld Readers, Previously, I have shared the Spiral of Literacy, which is a great, reflective activity.  However, I have never shared the blank spiral, which some of you might want to use for your own purposes. Click here.   I am posting below previous posts and publications of the […]

    In An Evil State, Far, Far Away
    by Joan Wink – October 14, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I am inspired by many women to bring this true story back with the hope that it will help one woman find her own voice. It took me a long, long time. This is not a fast, easy read, and it took years for me to be […]

    Libraries: What will they be like in 10 years?
    by Joan Wink – October 12, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, A blog from OnlineUniversities (April 24, 2012 by Staff Writers) predicts what libraries will be like in 10 years.  However, I am far more interested in what you think libraries will be like in 10 years.  I know you don’t know the future, but make some wild […]

    Buffalo Roundup (9-30-2016)
    by Joan Wink – October 1, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Recently, we have focused on linguistics and language acquisition from Ruthie Wienk, and now we will jump right into the Buffalo Roundup 2016.  Diversity is the name of our game.  More information on this Round Up is posted at the end of this WinkWorld.  I saved the […]

    Language Acquisition: 3 perspectives by Ruthie Wienk
    by Joan Wink – September 27, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, You may remember that in a previous edition of WinkWorld, Ruthie Wienk shared her introduction to a linguistics class, which she is teaching.  We will continue with selected videos, which Ruthie is creating for class. In the video posted here, Ruthie continues with a presentation on 3 perspectives […]

    Translingualism from David Schwarzer
    by Joan Wink – September 23, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Some of you may remember that I recently posted Translanguaging: What In The World Is That?  After that was posted, I heard from a friend and colleague, who had more resources to share with us. Translingualism Resources from David Schwarzer David Schwarzer, Ph. D., Professor, Montclair State University David […]

    Paper or Pixel–Laptop or Longhand?
    by Joan Wink – September 22, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This post is really for a group of friends/colleagues on Facebook, but this is just the easiest way for me to get this information to them. Stay with me; you will understand. First, I posted this on my FB page. “Paper or pixel? That is the question. […]

    Ruthie Wienk, introductory presentation on linguistics
    by Joan Wink – September 16, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In the last WinkWorld, I mentioned to you that we would begin a short series of selected videos from Ruthie Wienk who is teaching a linguistics class.  The videos were all created for this class.  To learn more about Ruthie and this class, just click here. Enjoy Linguistics and […]

    Translanguaging? What in the world is that?
    by Joan Wink – September 13, 2016

    Hello, WinkWorld Readers, A few of you are as excited about translanguaging, as I.  In this post, I am including some resources which have come to me. First, my friend and  colleague, Ruthie Wienk, of South Dakota State University will be sharing selected videos, which she has created for  a linguistics […]

    I’m Back: UofA and Grambling Marching Bands
    by Joan Wink – September 10, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Forgive my absence. Let’s just call it my summer vacation.  But, I’m back. In this WinkWorld, I want to share a bit of magic, which I experienced yesterday when the University of Arizona and the Grambling State University marching bands were practicing on the UofA campus.  They will be […]

    Palma de Mallorca, Spain July 2016
    by Joan Wink – July 10, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, On my morning walk today, I realized that the cathedral was on my right, and… and, the Mediterranean Sea was on my left. Next, I walked by some of my favorite windmills, which take me immediately to the famed novel, “Don Quijote de la Mancha.”  I love […]

    Link to Wink: 2010
    by Joan Wink – July 6, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, The series of chapter summaries on my book-in-progress has now been interrupted by my teaching international educators in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. This peak into my class is specifically for the teachers in my classroom today.  The YouTube was created previously by a group of students who […]

    Of Stories and Standards, ch 4 in the series
    by Joan Wink – June 30, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, The peak into my book-in-process continues. Briefly,  I have given you a glimpse into Chapter 1 (literacy), Chapter 2 (stories), and Chapter 3 (literacy stories).  In Chapter 4, I take on standards with stories about the dreadful effects of such mandated and controlled teaching and learning. We […]

    Animals & The Alphabet, ch 3 in the series
    by Joan Wink – June 27, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In the first two chapters, we looked at literacy and stories, and now we are moving on to the 3rd chapter with some examples of each–surprising examples, I hope.  The purpose of chapter three is to highlight diverse paths to literacy, by focusing on kids reading to […]

    Loving Those Stories, Chapter Two (series: Update on My Writing)
    by Joan Wink – June 25, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, If you are following along in this series of blog posts, you will remember that Chapter One, Loving That Literacy focused on literacy stories. In this glimpse into Chapter Two, Loving Those Stories, I focus on the value of storytelling, and I use stories to answer, “Why Stories?” Many of the […]

    Loving That Literacy, Chapter One (2nd part of Update on My Writing)
    by Joan Wink – June 23, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This is the 2nd part of a glimpse into my work on the next book, which will focus on the power of story. Chapter One is entitled, “Loving That Literacy.” The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate the various paths to literacy.  I will share how […]

    Update On My Writing:
    by Joan Wink – June 20, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As some of you know, I am working on a new book about literacy stories. A few months ago, I gave you a little glimpse, Power UP: Book at a Glance Power UP: Book-At-A-Glance This is an update, in which I want to share a peak into […]

    Joanne Yatvin: What We Want for Schools
    by Joan Wink – June 18, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I am a long-time fan of Joanne Yatvin, who is a highly experienced teacher, principal, and superintendent. Now retired, she continues to share generously with her writing and speaking. Meet Joanne Yatvin here. Joanne’s blog, The Treasure Hunter is here. In the following blog, Joanne, who has […]

    Free Online Books for Kids: Thanks, Jill Outka-Hill.
    by Joan Wink – June 17, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, No slip, sliding behind in reading this summer for your kids!  Here is a list of FREE online reading resources.  Thanks to Jill Outka-Hill, a teacher in WY, who shared with us. Sources for free fiction stories online: With Audio: Tumblebooks   Mightybooks   Storybook Online   Storyplace  […]

    What Diane Ravitch Would Say to Obama, Clinton, and Trump Today
    by Joan Wink – June 14, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, So, what should we do in K-12 schools today? Here are great ideas for your consideration. Thank you, Valerie Strauss for this terrific interview of Diane Ravitch.    

    Some resources on my webpages: Help yourselves, Teachers.
    by Joan Wink – June 6, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld  Readers, Here are some resources from my website. Help yourself. Can you tell that I am getting ready to teach in Palma, Mallorca? Joan Free To A Good Home Joan’s Schedule WinkWorld News (my previous blogs since January 2014) WinkWorld Archive (my previous newsletters […]

    Steve Krashen by Deb Harrison
    by Joan Wink – June 3, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Deb Harrison is a teacher in WY, and while she was in my classes at BHSU, she put together a great collection of Stephen Krashen’s contributions.  In my on-going attempt to organize and share treasures, which I have received while teaching graduate students,  I want to share […]

    Diary of a 50th Anniversary: June 4, 1966 to 2016
    by Joan Wink – May 31, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, We decided that the best 50th anniversary (June 4, 1966 to 2016)  for us would be to have time together. Here are a few of our happy memories during these past few days. Thursday, May 26 – 16 hour drive home from Santa Fé after Lukie’s fabulous […]

    by Joan Wink – May 19, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Normally, in this blog, I try to share some little tidbit, often related to kids and cows, or pedagogy and prairies. However, in this issue, I am not sharing; rather, I am asking you to share.  In spite of the fact that I have devoted my career […]

    The Wizard of Oz and a Cowboy
    by Joan Wink – May 11, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Some of you know that I am busy working on the next book, which will focus on literacy stories.  Here is a peak at the organization of the chapters. Chapter 1 Loving That Literacy Chapter 2 Loving Those Stories Chapter 3 Animals and the Alphabet Chapter 4 […]

    Karly on Krashen + video clip of 2 readers
    by Joan Wink – May 2, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In this issue, I will share a product from my class at Black Hills State University (BHSU) this spring.  A teacher, Karly Cheney-Werner of Wyoming compiled this information based on a new Krashen video, the collective summaries of that video by her colleagues, and her own synthesis. First, […]

    Sonia Nieto: Language, Literacy, and Diversity (GCLR archive)
    by Joan Wink – April 28, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In this issue, you will find the archive of Sonia Nieto speaking on Language, Literacy, and Diversity for Global Conversations in Literacy Research (GCLR), April 17, 2016. Thank you to Peggy Albers of GCLR and to Sonia Nieto for permission to re-post here. See also Global Issues: Education […]

    Testing: Good News, Bad News, and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad News
    by Joan Wink – April 25, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld readers, I’ve got good news, bad news, and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news. My question: Why do “reformers” think that we need to “standarize” kids?  The kids and grandkids in our family are not the least bit standardized; they are each very unique individuals. I bet your family […]

    Kitchen Calves
    by Joan Wink – April 16, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Today on the ranch.   I seem to remember reading some pesky memo, which said that I was to have my syllabus for my Mallorca class posted on Canvas by today.  No problem–I was making great progress, when these two little guys popped into the kitchen to […]

    Post TESOL 2016 in Baltimore
    by Joan Wink – April 9, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This post is primarily for my teacher friends and colleagues in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).  Mostly, I am sharing photos to capture these happy memories. A few reflective comments follow the photos. Below is the gorgeous Chesapeake Bay. Baltimore has a spectacular […]

    TESOL: 1966 to 2016
    by Joan Wink – April 5, 2016

    Dear WinkWord Readers, This post is for all of my TESOL (Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages) friends and colleagues.  See you soon in Baltimore to celebrate 50 years of professional development and friendship.  Yes, I really did join TESOL 50 years ago.  However, this will be my first time ever […]

    BEST 90th Birthday Party Ever
    by Joan Wink – April 3, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In this edition, I will try to capture bit of magic: The 90th birthday party for Betty Jay, who has always been like my mother, since she and her husband, Bill, moved into our house, when I was 5-years-old to take care of my brother and me.  They […]

    March Madness from Tammy McMorrow
    by Joan Wink – March 30, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Thank you, Tammy McMorrow, for sharing, yet another classroom treasure with us. Enjoy. March Madness  

    Reflecting on My Birthday: 10 Years Cancer Free
    by Joan Wink – March 24, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As someone once said to me, “I love your daughter’s blog, but yours is all about learning.”  I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I could tell that the speaker meant no ill-will; none taken. Dawn Wink: Dewdrops. This time WinkWorld will be personal, and not about learning, […]

    by Joan Wink – March 18, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, We, prairie people, get really excited about hummingbirds, and with all of the news of the Tucson Festival of Books, I forgot to tell you that I found a nest right outside of my room on a branch at eye level.  At first the mama hummingbird would immediately […]

    Tucson Festival of Books (TFoB): Post Festival Reflections
    by Joan Wink – March 15, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, The Tucson Festival of Books (TFoB) ended yesterday with 140,000 of my best friends celebrating literacy.  I arrived on the University of Arizona campus Saturday 8 a.m. and finally left reluctantly after singing and dancing to the music of José Luís Orozco 5 p.m. on Sunday. Lots of his […]

    Tucson Festival of Books (TFoB)
    by Joan Wink – March 12, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, TFoB:  Life is just too short to ever miss this wonderful event where 10s of thousands of readers come to celebrate literacy.  Previously, I shared the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books (TFoB), when the participants numbered well over 100,000 wild and crazy readers and authors. 2014 TFoB […]

    Getting Books into The Hands of Kids (Week 9, sort of…)
    by Joan Wink – March 10, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Sometimes it just falls smack into your lap, when you least expect it.  I was beating myself up as I didn’t have anything to post for Week 9, as the teachers just finished their midterm and are moving forward with individual writing assignments–more to come on that […]

    Week 8, 3.1: Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World
    by Joan Wink – March 1, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This week, the teachers have been playing with and reviewing some of the ideas found in Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World (2011) from a PowerPoint, which I created. PART ONE PART TWO Help yourself to anything, which works for you.  

    The Chaos by Dr. Gerard Nolst Trenité, 1922
    by Joan Wink – February 24, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This one is just for fun.  Can you read this entire poem aloud? At the bottom of this post is also a recording of the poem being read by someone who really can read it without stumbling. Have fun. “The Chaos” by Gerard Nolst Trenité. Here are […]

    Week 7: 2.23, Tech Tools and Voki
    by Joan Wink – February 23, 2016

    WinkWorld Readers, again this issue is for the teachers in my class, but you are more than welcome to come along for the ride.  Teachers, last week you explored new software, and it was great fun to see your creations. Below here, I will list some of the software which […]

    ESSA: What does it mean for kids and teachers?
    by Joan Wink – February 19, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readership, I know that many of us are trying to understand the new education bill, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which recently replaced NCLB and RttT (Race to the Top).  My initial understanding is that it is good for school libraries, which helps everyone.  However, I am not […]

    Week 6, 2.16, Krashen: Pulls it all together in 25 minutes.
    by Joan Wink – February 16, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, as you can guess, I am posting this for the teachers in my class, but any of you are free to watch and enjoy, too….. Teachers, here are some questions you might like to focus on as you watch: How are language acquisition and literacy alike?  What […]

    Of Books and Blogs
    by Joan Wink – February 15, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I am often asked what I read. Here are a few blogs and books, which I am presently enjoying. BLOGS: Brain Pickings Cloaking Inequity The Treasure Hunter Mercedes Schneider Two  Writing Teachers Russ on Reading Maestra Teacher Forever in First Diane Ravitch Stephen D. Krashen Alfie Kohn […]

    MHS in AZ: Making More Memories
    by Joan Wink – February 9, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This issue of WW is especially for dear friends of many years ago.  Recently, a group of us from MHS suddenly and spontaneously all found ourselves laughing around the dining room table of Donna (Wessel) and Frank Durant in AZ.  In the photo below, can you find […]

    Week 5, 2.9, ZPD
    by Joan Wink – February 8, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Here we are again, but this one is for the teachers in my class.  I love it when their dialogue turns to concepts, which are not on the planned syllabus.  I love it when they go beyond.  No where on the syllabus did I mention Vygotsky and […]

    Week Four, 2.2.16 (Generative Learning)
    by Joan Wink – February 3, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, remember this one is for the teachers in my class.  Join us if you like. Class, in the past 3 weeks, we have focused on the BIG IDEAS of teaching and learning.  We have talked about transmission, generative, and transformative perspectives, but we have learned that there are many, […]

    Does real reading really help real reading? The Book Whisperer answers.
    by Joan Wink – January 27, 2016

    Donalyn Miller generously shares her thoughts and a great overview of the research (if you must have it).  Or, just grab a book and see what happens. Thank you, Book Whisperer! I’ve Got Research. Yes, I Do. I’ve Got Research. How About You?

    Week Three, 1.26.2016, The Big Ideas
    by Joan Wink – January 26, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, remember this is for my class.  No required reading for you.  “Please, please, please do not throw me into ‘dat briar patch.’” To the teachers in our class. Many of you have been teaching for 1 to 10 years, and you sometimes have the idea that the […]

    Why Stories? The Answer from Carmine Gallo
    by Joan Wink – January 21, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I know that many of you are aware of this, but I wanted to share, in case anyone had missed it. I very much appreciate the permission from Carmine Gallo & his BrightSight Group to share with you.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did. […]

    Week Two, 1.19.2016
    by Joan Wink – January 19, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, remember this is for my class, and you do not have to read it… Class, in what follows is a summary of what we will focus on for the next week.  Actually, we will refer back to these ideas for the entire semester. Happy Reading. 100 Years […]

    Fun With Words, Collective Nouns
    by Joan Wink – January 15, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, This post is specifically for teachers, who just want to have a little fun with words today in class. FUN WITH WORDS A bunch of kids A patch of menders A herd of horses A pack of dogs A gaggle of geese A clutch of chickens A […]

    Remember Those 2 Young Boys from the Congo?
    by Joan Wink – January 14, 2016

    Remember the two young boys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), who suddenly found themselves living with new families in a new country with a new language, new customs, new food…and, no friends? 2 New Students from the Congo Whatever Happened with Those 2 Boys from the Congo? […]

    Class: Week One, The Heart and Soul of our Foundations Class
    by Joan Wink –

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, please remember that this post is specifically for the teachers in my class at Black Hills State University (BHSU). Looking Backward 5 minutes This video is specifically for those in the English as a New Language (ENL) endorsement program. If you watch this, it will help you hook […]

    How WinkWorld Will Change
    by Joan Wink – January 11, 2016

    Dear WinkWorld Readership, I have wanted to refer to my blog, as irreverent and irregular, but that is already taken: Alfie Kohn beat me to those two great descriptors. WinkWorld tends to be whatever is lying around my desktop or floating around in my head. However, you will notice a change […]

    Power UP: Book-At-A-Glance
    by Joan Wink – January 8, 2016

    When I prepare to teach a class, I always like to create a document, which is labeled, Semester-At-A-Glance. Hopefully, this lets the students see where we are going and what we plan to do. As I am working on my next book, Power Up Literacy through Storytelling in Libraries, I […]

    Baby Monet
    by Joan Wink – December 18, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Let me introduce you to Baby Monet, 5 months old. Obviously, in the following photo, she is reading. Note her “pointing finger.” In the following photo, you can see that Baby Monet really eats up her reading time. Please note the words “secret […]

    Strega Nona, Atall School, & Country Kids
    by Joan Wink – December 16, 2015

    December 16, 2015 Dear WinkWorld Readers, If you follow this blog, you are aware that I love going to Atall School (a one-room country school) to read to the 13 students. In WinkWorld News, you  will find a previous Atall School posts. Click here to read WW News. Recently, I’ve been […]

    Whatever Happened with Those 2 Boys from the Congo?
    by Joan Wink – November 23, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog about 2 boys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), who entered school in WY for the first time. Their earlier childhood years had been chaotic and tragic.  You had lots of comments and questions, and […]

    Krashen in 6 minutes–with our apologies to Steve for his vast contributions.
    by Joan Wink – November 14, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As some of you know, Deb Harrison of Moorcroft WY teaches English to high school juniors and seniors. In addition, she is working on her English as  New Language (ENL) endorsement and her second masters’ degree.  In my class this semester, she has focused on the work […]

    The Power of Reading Is My Home Run Reading Book
    by Joan Wink – November 9, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Recently, Deb Harrison, a high school English teacher in WY and a graduate student in my class at Black Hills State University, turned in a rough draft of a story about the power of “The Power of Reading” by Steve Krashen.  The same day on Facebook, we […]

    Why stories? Ruthie and Regression Help Us Understand
    by Joan Wink – October 31, 2015

    October 30, 2015 Dear WinkWorld Readers, You may remember that recently, I asked the question: Why stories? I used the story of Violet, age 5, who was having a terrible time with her numbers to 100, until she could place them in a story. Click here to read the story […]

    2 New Students from the Congo
    by Joan Wink – October 23, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, I need  your help. Last night I received a question from a teacher in Wyoming, who had just learned that she will have 2 new students from the Congo; the boys have only been in the US about a week.  I do not know the grade, nor […]

    Critters, Polacco, Novak, & Atall
    by Joan Wink – October 22, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readership, Yesterday I drove to a local school, Atall, about 50 miles away to read a story, and I was stopped in my tracks by these critters. See Atall School here.   I waited until the cattle got by me, and soon I arrived where Missy, the teacher, […]

    4 Questions about Stories
    by Joan Wink – October 20, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In what follow, I will focus on 4 questions: What are stories?, What are your favorite stories?, Why do we use stories in class?, and How do we develop storytellers? If you would like to use these questions for your own purposes, the Four Corners activity works […]

    A Peek Into Our Class
    by Joan Wink – October 14, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, As some of you know, I continue to teach part-time in the English as a New Language (ENL) endorsement program at Black Hills State University (BHSU).  The teachers in the program come from various districts around the Black Hills and other districts in Wyoming. Mostly our classes […]

    Buffalo: Custer State Park, SD
    by Joan Wink – September 28, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Normally, I share something for teachers and/or teacher educators, but in this issue I will share something for everyone: Buffalo. Lots of them.  We have previously ridden in this buffalo roundup, but not this year.  However, our friend, Sherry Bunting, has generously shared some of her photos from […]

    Krashen videos: Update
    by Joan Wink – September 26, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, In the previous WinkWorld, I shared a Word doc, created by Deb Harrison, which shared several of Krashen’s more recent videos on YouTube; this involved you downloading the doc and then doing a copy/paste of each URL.  In this WinkWorld, my intention is to make  some of these […]

    Krashen, Harrison, and Wink videos
    by Joan Wink – September 22, 2015

    September 22, 2015 Dear WinkWorld Readers, This WinkWorld edition is primarily for those interested in literacy and language acquisition.  First, I am sharing an overview of some recent videos from Stephen D. Krashen.  This summary and these annotations were organized by a teacher, Deb Harrison from Wyoming, who also is […]

    Intentional and Incidental Learning
    by Joan Wink – September 3, 2015

    WinkWorld September 2, 2015 Dear WinkWorld readership, Now that the school year has begun, I want to return to my WinkWorld blog. In this post I will share a story about our first Face-to-Face class (most of our classes are online) this past week. I have always been intrigued with […]

    Why Stories?
    by Joan Wink – June 15, 2015

    I have been thinking a lot about stories lately. Why is it that we love to hear a good story? In the next few issues of WinkWorld, I’ll be telling stories about why stories matter. One reason we love stories is because it is how we make sense of the […]

    Socrates Returns to the Classroom
    by Joan Wink – June 11, 2015

    I have written and presented on the reflective cycle or Socratic teaching and learning in various places. If you are interested in more of this topic, just go to my pages and use the Search button (bottom left). In this WinkWorld, I will share a small piece of a […]

    Summer Reading: Get Your Free Book Here
    by Joan Wink – June 7, 2015

    June 6, 2015 No slip, sliding into the summer slump–the reading slump, that is. Families and teachers often worry about the “summer slump” which they believe will undo some of the academic gains of the previous school year. However, we know that kids with books at home, and kids who […]

    Reflection: Not About a Cow
    by Joan Wink – May 28, 2015

    Today when I was out for my morning walk, I came upon this particular heifer. This made me think that some of the best teachers, I know, are very reflective. The problem is that it looks like they are not doing anything, but they are actually doing their most important […]

    My Reading of “Book With No Pictures”
    by Joan Wink – April 21, 2015

    Atall School Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak Recently, I again visited some of my favorite kids in the whole wide world in an archetypal one-room country school house. Photo of Atall School   The purpose of this visit, as always, was to read a book to the 12 students, ranging […]

    Thank you, IASL.
    by Joan Wink – April 15, 2015

    Thank you to IASL (International Association of  School Librarians) for the invitation to come to Austin to share some of my thoughts.  What a highly-experienced group of committed professionals.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of them.  My handout and my ppt. presentation are posted right here. IASL Austin […]

    Literacy and Love Last: Darcie, One of The Benson Kids
    by Joan Wink – March 30, 2015

    WinkWorld March 30, 2015   Dear WinkWorld Readership, Much of what I know about teaching and learning, I learned from The Benson Kids in the 1970s and 1980s.  When I think of these kids, I am reminded of Paulo Freire’s comment: “Education is radically about love” (Wink, 2011, p. 2). Read […]

    Tucson Festival of Books: WOW
    by Joan Wink – March 28, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, Recently, I attended the Tucson Festival of Books, and once again, it was an amazing group of 120,000 people celebrating literacy all over the campus of the University of Arizona. In the photo below, you can see a few of my new best friends.   Below, I […]

    Books Beget Books: Burnett Did This to Me
    by Joan Wink – March 3, 2015

    Dear WinkWorld Readers, this post is a bit longer than I usually post: Here, I have the equivalent of 3 typed pages, and the first page is an adaptation to a story I published originally in Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World, 4/e, 2011, pp. 16-17. The remainder of […]

    Poe and Powtoons
    by Joan Wink – February 26, 2015

      I love it when teachers and students in various classes find unique ways to solve problems. For example, last semester the teachers in my class had an assignment, in which they, not only had to write about a totally new topic for each of them, but they also had […]

    No Cow Left Behind
    by Joan Wink – February 24, 2015

    This idea was originally written by Ken Remsen, a school principal from Vermont, and was based on farming and falling milk prices in 2003. Available at: No Cow Left Behind 2003 Remsen, K. (2003, July 25). No cow left behind. Burlington Free Press, p. 11A. I adapted Remsen’s original article […]

    The Passing of Richard Ruíz of the University of Arizona
    by Joan Wink – February 11, 2015

    February 10, 2015 We are saddened to learn of the unexpected passing of Dr. Richard Ruíz, who had a long and beautiful career at the University of Arizona. His thinking has influenced many students, teachers, and me. When kids, who speak other languages, come to your school or community, what […]

    Joan’s YouTube Videos, Language Acquisition
    by Joan Wink – February 3, 2015

    The following videos were created between 2011 and 2014 for specific graduate classes with the support of Cal State Stanislaus and Black Hills State University.  If any of you can use any of this content for your own classes, help yourself.  The teachers I have worked with seem to like […]

    Oh Fudge
    by Joan Wink – January 28, 2015

    WinkWorld “I love your fudge recipe,” Josie said to me. “May I have it?” “Sure, I’ve got the recipe in my head,” I replied. “Let’s sit down, and you can write it on that scrap of paper. It’s fast and easy.” “Oh, just send it to me on an email,” […]

    WinkWorld: Teachers Sharing Diverse Projects
    by Joan Wink – January 20, 2015

    One of my great joys of retirement is that I get to work with local teachers in various contexts. In this issue of WinkWorld, I’d like to highlight the work of some of the teachers, who are enrolled in the English as a New Language (ENL) endorsement programs at Black […]

    WinkWorld: Teachers Sharing Diverse Projects
    by Joan Wink –

    January 20, 2015 One of my great joys of retirement is that I get to work with local teachers in various contexts. In this issue of WinkWorld, I’d like to highlight the work of some of the teachers, who are enrolled in the English as a New Language (ENL) endorsement […]

    WinkWorld: Change is hard.
    by Joan Wink – December 31, 2014

    The Problem: Change. In 2014 I changed from the more static electronic newsletter, WinkWorld, to the more interactive blog, The Latest From Joan. Suddenly, I had two electronic missives to send out regularly, and it absolutely shut me down. Not my style, I know. The Solution: Change. Recently, the solution popped […]

    The Benson Kids
    by Joan Wink – October 14, 2014

    Much of what I know about teaching and learning, I learned from The Benson Kids in the late 1970s and 1980s.  This weekend I have the unbelievable joy of reconnecting with them and their parents for homecoming in Benson, AZ.  Here is one little story about them.  When I think […]

    Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association
    by Joan Wink – September 29, 2014

    NRMERA Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association Historic Hotel Alex Johnson Rapid City, SD October 1-4, 2014 Theme of Conference: Courage, Challenge, and Opportunity Joan’s Keynote: The Courage to Share my Pedagogical Principles 8:45 a.m., Thursday, October 10 11:15 – 12:15 a.m. Thursday, October 10, Vygotsky and CARMA, Concurrent Session […]

    A Dynamite Dinosaur Day, 9.14.2014
    by Joan Wink – September 15, 2014

    66 million years ago, or so the story goes, dinosaurs roamed South Dakota. (Actually, I was not there, so I cannot verify this fact.) However, I hear that our often- barren land was then covered with water. I have even heard that our climate was almost tropical with palm trees–proving […]

    A brief glimpse of Mallorca, Spain
    by Joan Wink – July 16, 2014

    Best Gig in the World: Teaching/learning with international teachers in Mallorca. Our class of 24 active and engaged teachers represent many languages, cultures, and countries. This program is a part of the Global Education program of TCNJ (The College of New Jersey). More photos can be found on my Facebook […]

    The Problem & The Fix: Broken Waterlines
    by Joan Wink – June 30, 2014

    You may have heard of all of flooding and erosion near our ranch. For example, the primary East/West road (Highway 34) is closed, as the erosion is weakening the road. The detours around add 75 to 100 miles, which is not always a happy surprise to motorists. We, too, have […]

    Arne Duncan and a Little Girl, named, “Susan”
    by Joan Wink – April 21, 2014

    Today I read that Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, dismisses those who question Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessments as simply “lots of drama, lots of noise.” (  Simultaneously, my phone was ringing, and I was hearing from families and teachers.   It seems to me that the tide is […]

    WinkWorld, March 2014, is published.
    by Joan Wink – March 6, 2014

    The latest WinkWorld (March 2014) has gone out to my readership list. In addition, it is linked to FB, Twitter, and Google +. I apologize, in advance, for any duplicate postings via social media. Topics mentioned in the latest WinkWorld include (a) updates on my professional work the last year; […]

    WinkWorld is back.
    by Joan Wink – January 15, 2014

    Hello Friends, I have made some major changes on my webpages, which will hopefully feel seamless for you. Previously, WinkWorld was an html newsletter with only one-way communication. It will now be a blog with two-way communication. I will continue to post WinkWorld about 8 times/year, but also I have […]

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