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Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR): Krashen and Mason

Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR): Krashen and Mason

February 5, 2020

Hello WinkWorld Readers, this post is for reading teachers, families, and all who care about literacy,

What in the world is GSSR?  Guided Self-Selected Reading is when “you read a whole lot, really a lot, of very interesting texts,” (2020, Krashen).

In the following 6 minute post, you can see Krashen as he explains the concept.  Please note his granddaughter’s pink bedroom walls, where he does the recording. She is his tech support.

Youtube: Guided Self-Selected Reading

Here is his very short article written in meaningful language with lots of good supporting evidence–isn’t this what we all want? (permission granted)

Teachers and families, your job is to know the children really well so that you can help guide them to best books for  each, but then get out of the way and let them choose for themselves, as Holden does in the photo below.

I primarily follow Dr. Beniko Mason at Story Listening & Reading for Language Acquisition on Facebook.  Thank you, Steve and Beniko, for all of your sharing.



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