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Slide and Glide (or, Loud and Proud)

Slide and Glide (or, Loud and Proud)

June 21, 2024

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

If you are a reader of WinkWorld, you know a majority of my work relates to languages and literacies with a heavy dose of Prairie Pedagogy in the last 10 to 15 years. But I always try to write about what interests me. Lately, I have been more interested in Slide and Glide or Loud and Proud. We made up those terms to describe the exercises which are very much the antithesis of what my body wants to do naturally.

As some of you know, I have a hereditary condition called Essential Tremors. I have known for years that I would get it. It does not change my life much. However, this winter I was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s. At that time, my movements had become very stiff, slow, and rigid. Then I learned about these very strange and even funky exercises which are designed primarily for Parkinson’s patients. I absolutely love doing them, and I am honestly somewhat of a convert.

I have two vices: reading and walking.

However this winter, I was not able to get out to walk. I felt like a caged lion. Now, I am up to 2 miles again. I find these exercises amazingly effective. If only one other person benefits from this post, it is worth it for me.

In this WinkWorld, I want to share some of what I have learned. I will primarily focus on the exercise websites that have been beneficial for me. So far, I have learned that I have much to learn about all of this. I know I am just at the beginning of my learning curve.

The reason I use the terms, Slide and Glide or Loud and Proud is because I do not want to infringe on any other websites’ trademark name. All of these exercises focus on large movements, not small; and fast movements, not slow; and smooth movements, not rigid; and loud voice exercises, not quiet; The exercises make my body do the opposite of what it wants to do.

Before you glance at these exercises, you might want to read this very short story from my last post on WinkWorld.

On to 100

Exercise Websites

Of course, the gold standard for all information about Parkinson’s is Michael J. Fox.

Another very good site which I use is….

Move and Shout: Power for Parkinson’s

A third site which I often use comes from Power for Parkinson’s. I find it very helpful.


Aerobic Exercises for Parkinson’s

A fourth site that I use is Aerobic Exercises for Parkinson’s.


Hand Exercises for Parkinson’s

A fifth site I use is specifically for hands, which become very rigid with Parkinson’s.

A final interesting concept I learned is the VILIM ball. It is an electronic ball that you hold in your hand to reduce the tremors.  I have two, and I love them.  I have also heard about vibrating wrist bracelets.

Dear WinkWorld Readers, I do not plan to write more about Parkinson’s. I will continue to write about what is lying around on my desk and on my computer desktop.

How do I do WinkWorld if I have Parkinson’s? Very slowly, and with the help of a dictation program and two friends: Susan Henley Spreitzer and Annie Hlavka. Thank you to both of them. How much longer can I publish WinkWorld? I don’t know.



  • Sharon Whitehead-van Loben Sels

    What a wonderful set of resources. I know folks will find them useful. You are amazing and now onward to 100 😍 I love that story. 💙🙏XOXO Sharon

  • Oh, Mom!!! You are such a warrior, an inspiration, and fierce. However did I get lucky enough to be your daughter? Brava yo you for this amazing piece, your courage, and even in this, your dedication to sharing information to help others.
    You are my heroine!!!
    Love you oooooodles,
    Dawnie F.

  • Diane

    My dear, dear friend, You will not walk alone on this new journey. I will continue to hold your hand whenever you need me. Thank you for inspiring all who will read your story. BFF..Diane

  • Nancy Bartlett

    Thank you for your post and resources. You are amazing and continue to inspire others with yo”ur energy, abilities, character and attitude! Much love, my old (many years!) friend! “Nancy Yates”

  • Nancy Bartlett

    Thank you for your post and resources! You are amazing and continue to inspire others with your energy, abilities, character, and attitude! Much love, my old (many years!) friend! “Nancy Yates”

  • Debra Schneider

    Joan, Of course your piece about this would include resources and information for others! So essentially who you are: open-hearted and a connector of people to people and info that serves them. I am happy to hear you have regained some of your mileage and look forward to hearing more prairie stories, too.

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