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Buffalo: Custer State Park, SD

Buffalo: Custer State Park, SD

September 28, 2015

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Normally, I share something for teachers and/or teacher educators, but in this issue I will share something for everyone: Buffalo. Lots of them.  We have previously ridden in this buffalo roundup, but not this year.  However, our friend, Sherry Bunting, has generously shared some of her photos from the Buffalo Roundup in Custer last week. Sherry’s contact information is all posted at the end of this post.

Here they come.

buffalo here they come 2015

The flag-bearer and a little action.

buffalo flag 2015

And, even more action.

buffalo rider hard riding

And, here is Wink on Badger a year ago.

Dean Badger buffalo 2012

The 2 of us last year.D&J buffalo best photo


Many thanks to Sherry Bunting.  Her blog:

Her email:

In addition, Sherry’s son, Adam Bunting, is a high school teacher and an artist.  Here are 3 examples; below these, I list his contact information.

A new buffalo painting from Adam Bunting.

Adam Bunting buffalo painting

Adam also painted this picture, which was taken in the spring after the Atlas blizzard.  First, I am posting the photo, which Sherry gave to Adam, and next I share the painting which Adam did.

The photo:

Dean-with-calf post Atlas

The painting of the photo:

Dean calf-facebook

I’ve saved the best for last–Adam also painted my dear horse, Frankie.

Art scan Frankie 02-facebook

See Adam Bunting’s art:

Adam’s email:

See more of Adam’s art can be seen at Red Raven Gallery

Thank you so much, Sherry and Adam, for so generously sharing your talent and expertise with WinkWorld readers.




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