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Bilingual Bibliography

Bilingual Bibliography

August 23, 2017

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

As you know, WinkWorld tends to be whatever is lying around on my desk or my computer desktop.  Today I am sharing a bilingual bibliography, which I worked on for a specific project, which did not evolve, but the bibliography might be of use to some of you.  Hate to have it just languish in my computer.  If you care to suggest any other citations, which I should check out, please just mention them in the “Responses” section below.  

I have a couple of other little topic-specific bibs, which I will post soon.

The icon of the new book cover posted here has nothing to do with this bib…just a bit of shameless self-promotion.

Bilingual bibliography posted here for anyone who might be interested.

To download the bib, just click on the link below:

 bilingual bib for WinkWorld

The painting posted below was created by Adam Bunting and is also not connected to this bilingual bibliography.  I posted it here, as I love this painting.  Adam looked at some photos of my horse, Frankie, and then painted this gorgeous picture.  OK,  I am out the door to be with my friend, Frankie.





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