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Reflection: Not About a Cow

Reflection: Not About a Cow

May 28, 2015

road north

Today when I was out for my morning walk, I came upon this particular heifer.

cow reflection medium

This made me think that some of the best teachers, I know, are very reflective. The problem is that it looks like they are not doing anything, but they are actually doing their most important and productive work: Thinking deeply about teaching and learning. Reflective teachers often focus on a particular student and think about ways of improving the learning of the student or assisting the student in some specific way.

My photo of the reflection of the heifer made me think that I spend a lot of time reflecting myself, and suddenly this image popped into my head.

cows teachers test scores

Here are a few other pictures which make me think of the value of reflection.

Relective Lions


ME WE are one reflection


horses reflection


And, of course, I love this photo of the reflection of the dancer.

reflective younger:older woman


The following reflective cycles might provide a little guidance for anyone, who would like to do some reflective activities with others. Help yourself.

Reflective Cycles in class.



  • Love your Reflective Cycles – wish I could take a class. I think I was never taught this. I don’t know why not. I constantly questioned everything I did as a teacher but never had a way to progress. These clearly show the way.

  • Joan Wink

    Thanks, Joan. I wrote about the reflective cycle on a gorgeous day in CA. I was wondering why I was staying in the house when I could be out walking. However, since that day, I have used these reflective cycles a lot with teachers.

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