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Stories Trump Grammar

Stories Trump Grammar

June 17, 2019

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

ALERT: Self-promotion post coming your way.  One of the most difficult aspects of being an author is that you also have to help market your own books–all I want to do is write the next book, but I am learning that in today’s publishing world, I also need to market.

Hence the following article from The Guardian really caught my eye.

Ditch The Grammar and Teach Storytelling Instead by Tim Lott, May 19, 2017 in his blog, Tim Lott’s Family Column.  I do not know Tim, but I have read that he is a secondary teacher, and his students knew dependent clauses, fronted adverbs, character arcs, and all-things-grammar, but the students simply could not tell a compelling story.

A-ha, and if Tim (or, you) wanted to use storytelling, how can you learn?  Careful, here come the personal plug.

The Power of Story


What is this book about?  Well, you can go to and click on the book icon at the top, and it will show you the Table of Contents, with a few live links.

Or, here is a visual table of contents of the chapter headings, which my friend, Missy Urbaniak, drew for me.

Click to view larger image.

Or, here are all of the chapters and headings, which Missy drew for me.



Click to view larger image.

Or, here is a little one-page tri-fold which you can download and print.

The Power of Story TOC 9.29.17

Or, here are some images which Katie Knox drew for me to use in the book.

How to learn to tell stories–here are two ways, which I do.  First, I read stories. Lots of stories. Second, I listen when someone talks to me, and I try to find connections to something in my own life.

The Power of Story has multiple ways of incorporating story into  your own life.  Just saying….okay, the self-promotion is over.  For awhile.



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