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Steven M. Singer: Kids are a captive market for the testing industry.

Steven M. Singer: Kids are a captive market for the testing industry.

April 11, 2017

Dear WinkWorld Readers, 

In the previous WinkWorld, I shared Nancy Bailey’s thoughts on what happens when librarians are replaced by computers. In what follows, I will share a recent blog from Steven M. Singer, where he demonstrates that the kids are really a captive market for the testing industry. I hope you will take time to read his entire post. 

Tomorrow, the 2 weeks of testing SmarterBalance  begins in SD.  I know some of these little SD captives, who have had a fabulous school year, and now after the practice tests, they feel like failures already.  For many, the teachers’ and students’ identity becomes defined by this one test.  It is heartbreaking.  I challenge any of you to take a practice test or two and share your scores with us.

Yes, you can sign in as a guest; you simply have to follow the prompts.  Try to image taking this test, as an 8-year-old and working on an unfamiliar computer….

Read below what Steven M. Singer has to say about this captive market.

More of Steven’s thoughts can be found at Gadflyonthewallblog.

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