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Here’s where you can find all that has come before…

July 2014

March 2014

June 2013

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March 2013

February 2013

December 2012

Black Hills State University (BHSU) Students Share
Love Those Libraries
Geeks, Gossip, Giggles, and Googles and Susan Sweeney
A Prezi on Critical Pedagogy
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)    *NEW: Krashen on Goodman/Smith Hypothesis
Books for Teachers
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

October 2012

Great Valley Writing Project
Scaffolding, TPR, and TPRS
Love Those Libraries
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
Books for Teachers
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Dawn’s writing
Prairie Pedagogy

August 2012

5 Teachers Honor Their Own Favorite Teachers
Our Challenges – Zhao, Brady, and Krashen
Love Those Libraries
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
Books for Teachers
Social Media
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

May 2012

31 Ways of Saying Thank You to a Teacher
5 free A Vision of Vygotsky eBooks
Ameera, Hannah, and Karen
Project Implicit
Global Education Reform Movement is Here
Steve Krashen, KOTESOL
Just Stuff
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
Books for Teachers
Social Media
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

March 2012

Writers’ Workshop and LEA
Blurb for book from Hull-Sypnieski and Ferlazzo
The Future
Books for Teachers
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

October 2011

More ZooBurst, a 3D digital story telling software
American Library Association
More on Schools in Finland
Teacher Newsletter, Teacher’s Wiki, and Garrett’s writing
More on Diane Ravitch
FVR and Books for Teachers
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

August/September 2011

The Institute of Language and Education Policy
Mallorca: 2011, 2010, &ZooBurst, a 3D digital story telling software
Schools in Finland
Great Valley Writing Project
SOS-Save Our Schools, Jonathan Kozol
Back toSchool
Exemplary Programs in Indian Education, 2010
FmF (Featuring My Friends)
Carlotta Castillo Moulder, The Importance of Play in Learning
Janet Towell, Writing with Lucy Calkins in NYC
FVR and Books for Teachers
Welcome to the World
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

June 2011

The Bilingual Advantage by Claudia Deifus
Our School Are Not Broken: The Problem is Poverty by Steve Krashen
Sir Ken Robinson
César Chávez Elementary School Favorite Books To Read This Summer
FmF (Featuring My Friends) Brian Briggs, Tips on Tech Toys
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World
Dawn Wink, Love Stones
Prairie Pedagogy

May 2011

Save Our Schools
My Recent Travels, Oglala Lakota College
My Recent Travels, Oglala Lakota College
A Few Student Projects
Paul Gorski, research survey
Alfie Kohn
Yong Zhao
FaceBook, How To for Educators
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
Books For Teachers
FmF (Featuring My Friends) Guest, Ruslana Westerlund
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Prairie Pedagogy

April 2011

My Recent Travels
This Is America….
Benefits of Bilingualism
Bilingual Basics
The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science

The Case For Libraries by Steve Krashen
Darren Hayes’ High School Students Respond to Their Teacher
Free Voluntary Reading
Book For Teachers
New Resources
Welcome to the World
Notes from the Real World

March/April 2011

My Schedule: SD to NM to TX to AZ to CA
YouTube Critical Pedagogy, the musical
Frank Abrahams and lesson design
Taking the Super out of superman
Diane Ravitch
Linda Darling-Hammond on International Summit on Teaching
Lindsay Peak Kaufhold, blog
Grayson Charter Elementary
FVR and Books for Teachers
Just For Fun
Welcome to the World
New Angels
Notes from the Real World, a.k.a., Prairie Pedagogy

January 2011

Read Across America, March 2
Newbery and Caldecott awards
Joan’s New Foundations of Education Project
Freedom of Education Act, Steve Krashen
NPR Finds A Bit of Our Work
Best Videos for Educators 2010 (Thanks, Larry Ferlazzo)
Just for fun
New Angels
Welcome to the World
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

October/November 2010

New resources
My travels
The possibility of a park to honor Paulo Freire
One more photo of Mallorca
FVR (free voluntary reading)
A typical day for a high school teacher: Darren Hayes
Declaration of Professional Conscience for Teachers by Ken Goodman
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

August/September 2010

TCNJ, Mallorca Global Ed Program
Fall 2010 CSUS First Day of Class Agenda
First Day of School, Hereford, NM, and ID
My new book

June/July 2010

Action Research Fair of Clark County School District in Last Vegas
Distinguished Schools Award
Rethinking Schools
Larry Ferlazzo
The Institute of Language and Education Policy
So, What Is Merit Pay?
Critical Literacy Journal
Know ELLs
Position Open: Dual Immersion Academy
FVR for Teachers, Darling-Hammond and Meier/Engel/Taylor

May 2010

Vanishing Words, Vanishing Worlds by Kayla Gahagan in Rapid City Journal
The Storytelling Project from Barnard College
Project Implicit
The Institute for Language and Education Policy
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) digital libraries
FmF (From my Friends) Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Robert Phillipson, et al
Prairie Pedagogy
Notes from the Real World

July 2009

Useful Websites
A memory of Louise Rosenblatt by Philomena S. Marinaccio Eckel
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
FmF Patricia A. Richard-Amato
Notes from the Real World, June family/kids/anniversary
Summer on the ranch with friends/family

May-June 2009

Poverty’s Effect on Learning and Literacy
Campbell County School District, Gillette WY
Sturgis Public Library
Chomsky Quote of Note
TESOL 2009, Denver
A poem by Jean’ann, CSUS credential student
Prairie Pedagogy

March 2009

The Blueberry Story
The Institute for Language and Education Policy
An Equity Agenda
Factsheet: Who are English Language Learners?
Larry Ferlazzo’s webpages & blog
Bill of Rights for English Language Learners
Children’s Linguistic Human Rights
TESOL 2009
Notes from the Real World: A Story of Cars
Prairie Pedagogy

February 2009

Student Treasures from Credential Students from CSUS in January 2009.
Give Us Hope, video letter to Obama and Duncan
WordSift, Dr. Kenji Hakuta
FVR, Kathleen Norris
Prairie Pedagogy, February flood

January 2009

ForumForEducation, LMRI, IJFLT, Quality Counts
Ofelia García
Exemplary Indian Education programs
TESOL 2009, Denver
Notes from the Real World: 4 Winks to Pierre

December 2008

2 Perspectives on Teaching and Learning : Graphic and Text
Teacher Activist Groups
A Vision for Schools
Featuring a School
FVR, Freeman’s brand new book!

November 2008

An Observational Tool
How to reflect
FVR (Free Voluntary Reading)
CLT (Cool Like That)
Top 25 Slang Words Parents Should Know
A Story of a Horse-drawn Hearse
Our Boy, Bailey rides to school (part two)
Prairie Pedagogy: Obama, Wink, and the Blizzard

September-October 2008

Chyllis Scott
Class materials
Mamas, Meaning, Motivation
My People Made It Without Bilingual Ed
Open Letter to Students
Language Acquisition via Graphics/Pictures
Authentic Assessment/Rubric Banks
Jill Kerper Mora’s new URL
Research Opportunity with Alison J. George
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Free Voluntary Reading
New Angel
Welcome to the World
Prairie Pedagogy:
Our Boy, Bailey
Gillette and Wright
Notes from the Real Word
The Ripple Effect on Ranchers

August 2008 Sights and Sounds of Summer Edition

The drought ends.
Cousin Kurt and Barbara
The 5 grands come
Yankton College Reunion
Achievement Award
Plaza of Honor, University of Arizona
Whole Language Umbrella
Cousin Ace and Auntie Essie
Sturgis Rally
Faith Stock Show and Sue, the T Rex
Idaho: Zucchini, Bean, Big One Little One, Signing Alphabet
NM: Double rainbow, 9th BD, blue door
Dean & Joan: diversity of grasses
Garrett: Signing ABC’s
Books for Teachers – Crawford/Krashen; Samway/McKeon; Menken; Freeman’s; Díaz-Rico
Books for Pleasure – Piccoult; Jance
Books for Kids/Grands – Rowling; Baylor; Paolini

June-July 2008

Open Letter to Senator Obama
Immersion Confusion, updated
Riverbank Language Academy
Cross-cultural Institute of Clark County School District, Las Vegas
UT Austin, Proyecto Maestría
Sharon Whitehead-van Löben Sels. History of the Learning Pyramid
Free Voluntary Reading includes
Shellie’s observations on libraries with and without books
Le shares a story of a 4 year old who wants to read
Welcome to the World
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

April-May 2008

Debra Schneider,
Sharon Whitehead-van Löben Sels
Chart of history of Learning Pyramid
Chris Kerfoot, abstract of dissertation,
The Stories of Public School Teachers Who Hold Doctorates: A Narrative Study
Elliot Hurd, age 15, book review published at
Jay Matthews’ Better-Late-Than-Never-Book-Club
New York City Public Library
FVR, Susan Ohanian by Steve Krashen
Welcome to the World
Notes from the Real World
Prairie Pedagogy

March 2008

Top Ten Libraries
Professional Development Model, Annela Teemant and colleagues
Faculty Forum, March 12, 2008
The Learning Pyramid
Right and Left Brain Teaching and Learning
Brain Gym, Sharon Whitehead VLS
Kohn, Motivation, and Me by Crystal Hammer
Free Voluntary Reading
Crawford/Krashen, Frank Smith, and Samway/McKeon , as reviewed by Leilani Comber-Casper

February 2008

From My Class to Yours
Library Mapping
The Mess
Those People
ELD/ESL and SDAIE/sheltered content lesson plans
More WinkLinks
An A-ha! Intrinsic and Extrinsic, by Crystal G. Hammers
Inclusionality: A Big New Idea
Great fun: XO blog
FmF, Samway & McKeon; F. Smith
Notes from the Real World
Dean Wink and Wink Cattle Co
More birds

January 2008

FVR, Free Voluntary Reading (new section begins)
FmF, Featuring my Friends
Free Rice
Prairie Pedagogy, roosters, birds

December 2007

The start of Joan’s Free Voluntary Reading
The Book Whisperer
Professional Learning Communities
Peaking Into the Future
ELL PD Seminar/Rigby from Freeman’s & Ebe
Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now?
Critical Education Theory and Practice
Educator Roundtable
Foundations of Education class materials
Prairie Pedagogy: Of Horses, Pheasants, Eagles, and Other Critters
Welcome to the World, Justin and Tripp
Notes from the Real World
Garrett, the story begins
Wyatt, the story continues, Busted

November 2007

Ending the Achievement Gap
Review of Have You Ever Seen? Published in
BHSH College of Education Advisory Committee
Board of Regents
TIE, Technology and Innovation in Education
Je Kan Adler-Collins
Clara Lee Brown
Ruby Payne and Paul Gorski, plus poverty citations
The Ameliorating Effect s of High Socioeconomic Status by Krashen/Brown
Qualitative and Quantitative Research: What’s the difference?
A Vision of Vygotsky citations
Welcome to the World: Rose Rae
New Angels: Ray Wicks, Ann Varlin, David Woodling, Bud Day
Breast Cancer 3-Day
The Real World: The New Pioneers

October 2007

Academic Language Proficiency by Krashen and Brown
Shadowing by Tricia Lima
Duane Campbell
Gerry Coles
Rural Education
Prairie Pedagogy
Revisiting a Day at Deep Creek
Notes from the Real World
Sturgis Library

August / September 2007

Pine Ridge Educational Conference
National Council for the Social Studies
Teachers 4 Social Justice, October 13, 2007
Spanish Resources
Keeping Kids Safe on the Web
Forum on Educational Accountability
Ken Goodman and NCLB
Notes from the Real World
Summer 07 ranch pictures

June/July 2007

Have You Ever Seen…? An American Sign Language Handshape DVD/Book.
Professors from Thailand at CSUS
The Pine Ridge
WinkWorld, Table of Contents
Groups of URLs on
Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World
A Vision of Vygotsky
Free Voluntary Reading
Student Treasures
Jennifer Thompson’s Graphics
Natalie den Dulk’s Summary of 6 Weeks of Learning
Welcome to the World: Siena Elaine
Notes from the Real World
Surprising Joan at research ceremony
The Spotlight from CSUS of research ceremony

May 2007

USA Today: Bad teachers or bad policy?
New Berliner and Nichols
Nichols & Berliner, March 2005
Selecting a Graduate School, Debra Schneider
Karalee McClymont
CAL, Center for Applied Linguistics, Directory of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion
Make a Difference Movie
Prairie Pedagogy: What is bilingual education?
New Angel: Marie Clay
Family Photos

April 2007

Reading Recovery
Socratic Dialogue
June/July 2006
May 2006
November 2004
Debra Schneider’s Poverty/Prosperity
New Angels: Buttercup
Notes from the Real World: Research Award
Adam’s Poem

March 2007

More on How Much Do Teacher Make
National Women’s History Project
What is Learning?
Educator’s Roundtable
U of A Children’s Literature Conference
MidSouth Conference, Alabama
Leave Behind A Bad Idea
What We Realy Know about NCLB
IICSN in Nevada

February 2007
Not on the TEST, Tom Chapin
Great Web Sites for Kids
Riverbank Language Academy
Bilingualism Retards Senility, Ellen Bialystok
Teachers, Parents, and Students Bill of Rights, Beth Altwerger
10 Big Effects of NCLB, Center on Educational Policy, CEP
Teachers Make a Difference, Taylor Mali
Prairie Pedagogy, December 06 pix
New Angels: Roger Grow, John Notheis
The Real World: Things They Don’t Tell You About Cancer
Research Nomination Update
What is a portfolio?
How to reference this page

January 2007

Of Reading and Rewards
Note for a Pre-K Grandchild
Hurd Family Reading Log
Wyatt, 2nd time through Harry Potter
100 Groups Seek NCLB Overhalul
Forum on Educational Accountability
Educator Roundtable
Implicit Racist Test
Linguistic Human Rights: Dawn
Susan Sandretto Critical Pedagogy URL
New Angels: Bev Steffen, Don Murray
Prairie Pedagogy: A Great Day for Grammies and Golden Eagles

November 2006

Free Voluntary Surfing
Wyatt’s, age 10, Reading: 4 Benchmarks, David Coverly cartoon
Prairie Pedagogy: Commish Dean Re-elected

October 2006

Foundations of Education class: I AM poem, timeline, open letter to teachers
AEPL: Janet Emig and George Lakoff
Literacy Education: Inspector General’s report on Reading First
Prairie Pedagogy: Wink is running for re-election; New Angel
Notes from the Real World
Pumpkin Patch Kids

September 2006

Prairie Pedagogy: What I Did During My Summer Vacation
Notes from the Real World

June – July 2006

Socratic Seminar by Corri Figueiredo
The Institute for Language and Education Policy
The Effects of Poverty on Learning: Citations, Elliot’s review of The Wizard Lord
Calling All Doctoral Students
Prairie Pedagogy: colt
Notes from the Real World: Relay for Life in Turlock
Family Pix: Family together in June in Turlock

May 2006

Socratic Seminar by Karalee McClymont
WinkLinks – Nicolas Meier
Bilingual Basics for TESOL
Prairie Pedagogy: new ranch house; Lil New Mexicans; Baby Zoe
Notes from the Real World: How To Donate a Free Mammogram; Lil Walker and Lil Rider

April 2006

Black Stallion Literacy Project – waving book out the window
Dr. Fé Brittain
Amerind Foundation
Children’s Literacy Conference, University of Arizona,
Jacqueline Woodson
Yuyi Morales
Million Teachers March on DC
$65 per day – by Dawn Wink

February 2006 / March 2006

Krashen introducing Susan Ohanian at NABE
Hurd Family Reading Log 2005 and Shel’s reflection on the value of reading;
Citations: Sanchez, Skutnabb-Kangas, Kimmel
A definition of a constructivist from a constructivist
Bo’s paper on paradigms
Spanish Language Arts Standards from San Diego County Office of Education
Le Putney’s sample newsletters on Vygotsky
Prairie Pedagogy

December 2005 / January 2006

Bilingual Basics
Hispanic OR Latino? That is the question.
Joan’s thoughts on the discussion of Latino and/or Hispanic.
Prairie Pedagogy

November 2005

University of Arizona for the Western Humanities Alliance Borders
Amerind Foundation
To Make a Difference – Rosa Parks
The Reading Wars with Le Putney

October 2005

Central Washington University
Teacher Quality & Recruitment Grant
Steve Krashen and Cartoonist Tommy Tomorrow
New Must Reads
New Winklinks

August – September 2005

Three things I Learned, by Lesa Prine
Why teach?
Approaches to Lesson Planning
Sample Parent and Student Letters
Book Ends – Bohm and Noddings
Birmingham, Alabama
The Guided Language Acquisition Design

July 2005

MidSouth Reading and Writing Institute of Birmingham Alabama
What is a learning community?
Alfie Kohn, Unconditional Parenting: Beyond Bribes and Threats
Book Review by Charles Schroeder
7 Ways to Ruin a Child’s Love of Reading
Constructivist and Constructionist
Gloria Ladson-Billings, Crossing over to Canaan: The Journey of New Teachers in Diverse Classrooms Book Review by Chris Kerfoot
Prairie Pedagogy: ‘Lil Red Chile goes to the carwash

June 2005

Open Letter to Credential Candidates
Critical Pedagogy: Q & A by graduate students
Top Ten Ideas of Critical Pedagogy by graduate students
When Your Dad’s a Cowboy by Dawn Wink Range Magazine, Summer 2005, p. 69

May 2005

The Bilingual Home graphic by Gina Grgich and Vern Hixson
Conversational and Academic Language
Threshold Hypothesis
Common Underlying/Separate Underlying Proficiency
Dual Language Iceberg/American Sign Language
Metaphor of the Water Lily

April 2005

Fernando Peña: How to create authentic literacy and self-published books.
Differentiated Instruction, ELD, SDAIE

March 2005

Focus on Bilingual Education
Paulo Freire, speech
Gina Grgich and Vern Hixson, Bilingual Home illustration
Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Water lily metaphor links
Jim Crawford, interview
Steve Krashen, What’s Missing?

February 2005

Joan Wink, Bilingual Basics Presentation Handouts
Joan Wink, The Spiral of Literacy
Gina Grigich, New student treasure
Lisa and Austin Wink, Baby Signs
Pam Franklin, Homeschooling

January 2005

from Denise, the WebWizard for WinkWorld: Update on Maintenance of Webpages
from Denise: Pleasure Reading Logs
List of books Denise and Nadine

December 2004

Site index construction
Nadine Pinkerton, Other Ways of Celebrating
Dr. Wu Yiqiang, Chinese New Year
Ula Awwad-Raiyan, Mulsim’s Ramadan
Delphine Red Shirt, wi kpe ya pe or throw away

November 2004

NCLB reformation movement
ERIC reconfiguration
Book Reviews for Kids by Kids
Kelly Russell, Reflecting on History: Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
Joan’s Socratic Dialogue

October 2004

Martha Larkin, What is Scaffolding?
Phamily Fotos, Dean’s 60th Birthday Party

September 2004

Dripping Springs ISD TX

August 2004

Selected pages from Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World (2005)

July 2004

More to the website collection
Thesis Abstract by Vicky Murphy
Thesis Abstract by Andrea Katotakis
University of North Carolina, Pembroke
GLAD: What is it?
Online Map of Languages spoken by zip code

June 2004

more to the website collection
Junior High Boys’ and Girls Reading Experiences: Homeruns or Strikeouts?
Homeschooling: An Alternative to Traditional Classroom Education

May 2004

Heritage Language: pages from Teaching Passionately

April 2004

Susan Ohanian
The Hoopster
OneBranch electronic library
Steven Krashen, 2-way dual language program

March 2004

Teacher, Profe Beto, who inspired Joan
CABE presentations (Dual Languages and Teachers as Language Mentors)
Websites for teachers and families (see also WinkLinks)
ERIC update
Dawn’s home schooling story
Grammie’s interactions with Wyatt’s home schooling

February 2004

Websites for teachers and families (see also WinkLinks)
Poem by Sabine Ulibarri
Snapshot of Pestalozzi
Principles of Pestalozzi
Quips and Quotes of Pestalozzi

January 2004

Websites (see also WinkLinks)
Rubric Bank
ERIC changes, Deleting History
ALA, Banned Books
Wyatt’s reading Harry Potter on his own

December 2003

New School Board Member, Denise
Share NCTE and IRA experiences
Reading Captain Underpants and others

November 2003

Family involvement books and URL’s
red ink reflection by Dawn Wink

October 2003

Banned books
Cow Jumped Over the Moon
Slam Poetry

September 2003

Library Mapping
Play Ball
NCTE Inbox
Dawn Wink about Wyatt’s reading
Article: Should we just tell them to read? The role of direct encouragement in promoting recreational reading.
Letter to the Editor (standards and NCLB)

August 2003

Mallorca, Spain
Dawn Wink about Wyatt’s reading

July 2003

First Year Anniversary of WinkWorld
Dawn and the boys
Dawn Wink reflects on the evil versus good

June 2003

Websites for dual language models, NCLB, curriculum, international education, philosophy of education, evaluation/testing, and teacher resources (see also WinkLinks)

May 2003

Homework Packets by Andrea Katotakis
Jim Trelease
Karalee McClymont reflects on Alfie at Modesto Junior College

April 2003

Overview of Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Synopsis of Preface and Chapters 1 – 9

March 2003

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas received 2003 Linguapax Prize
Brian Briggs website on constructivism and technology
Senator Byrd Speech: We Stand Passively Mute
Susan Sandretto, working on Ph.D., writing about teacher education and social justice

February 2003

Teresa’s thoughts on homework
Battle to control the future of schools
Abby Goodnough, Bush Adviser Casts Doubt on the Benefits of Phonics Program, New York Times

January 2003
Joan’s reflections on homework

November 2002
Dawn Wink, draft for Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

October 2002

Dean Austin Wink is born
The Saga of Big Books Continues
Jennifer Wolfe and Leslie Poynor
University of Arizona trip
Elizabeth Arnot-Hopffer, The Davis Bilingual Magnet School
Writing about The Future
California Reading Association – Literacy Brings the World to You!
Draft for the Foundations Chapter of Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

September 2002

Marge Knox – Kidwatching
Jennifer Wolfe reflects on Jane Nelsen’s book Positive Discipline: A warm practical, step-by-step sourcebook for parents and teachers
EDML 5400 chapter by chapter synopsis of Negotiation Identities: Education for empowerment in a diverse society
Methods and (anti)methods
Theoretical Framework for Creating BIG BOOKS with Students
One Way of Making BIG BOOKS in Class
One Way to Bind BIG BOOKS in Class

August 2002

July 2002