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A New Dr. Wink

A New Dr. Wink

December 15, 2021

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

As many of you know, in the past year I have spotlighted several graduates who caught my attention.  Some of  these students graduated from undergrad programs (Nadifa, Lizzie, and Wynn), one master’s graduate (Katie), and two others completed their doctoral degrees (Ana and Jade).  I was honored to serve on the doctoral committees for Ana York from Grand Canyon University and Jade Herman from Creighton University. To read about any of these graduates, just click on the archive at WinkWorld News

With this issue of WinkWorld, we will bring to a close (at least for 2021), this blog series celebrating a few graduates.

Congratulations, Dr. Dawn Wink!

How lucky am I? Those of you who know our daughter, Dawn, know that she just successfully defended her dissertation. Actually, she nailed it. And, I was able to spend a spectacular week celebrating with her. A few pix follow.

First is a screen shot, which a ZOOM student took and sent to us.  I had just walked into the room right after her Chair congratulated her.

Next, are the flowers she received from her Chair.

And, these are the flowers which Dawn had delivered to me for my defense (Yes, a tiny bit late–30 years.) How cool is that?!



And, if you look very carefully at the following pix of the two of us, you will see that she is wearing the earrings, which I gave her for her Ph.D., and, yes, she surprised me with a similar pair to celebrate mine. Told you I am lucky!

When I finished in 1991, I remember walking out into the long hallway of Harrington at TX A&M, and 🎼 ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch’ was rocking in celebration. Thank you, Aggies.

Dawn’s blog, Dewdrops. October 21, 2021

Stories at the Intersection of Language and Landscape Through Wildness, Beauty, and Imagination: A Scholarly Personal Narrative — Dissertation Defense (Video)

After Dawn’s defense, we walked down to the campus of the University of Arizona to celebrate.










  • Michelle Hawkins

    Congratulations, Dawn! What a special relationship you two share, in so many ways. Celebrate with a new Fiestaware coffee cup, I hear a new color is being announced in January. 😊

    • Joan Wink

      A new color in January?! I did not know. It will be cool when we learn the color. She always uses the exact name for each color! Anxious to meet your puppy! xo

  • Dawn Phillips

    So good to see you doing well and the success your daughter is having following in your footsteps. I attended CSU Stanislaus and you were the most memorable professor. I still subscribe to your emails all these years later. I am going on 16 years of teaching, am currently mentoring 7 teachers, and today is my 25th anniversary. Life is good!

    • Joan Wink

      Hi Dawn, oh, yes, I remember you well. Happy anniversary. Thanks for all of your teaching and mentoring. Sometime maybe you will tell me a story about teaching and/or mentoring. Just send it an photos to I would love to hear more about your life. You seem to be thriving! I am not surprised. Are you on any other social media?

  • Congratulations to both of you!
    Go Aggies.

  • Janice Herring

    Congratulations to Dawn! She’s blessed to have you in her corner! Keep celebrating… that’s a big accomplishment.

    • Joan Wink

      Thanks, Janice. We will celebrate more next week when Wink and I go down there. Hope all is well for you.

  • Kathy K. Grow

    Congratulations — to you both!

  • Rebecca Souza-Rodabaugh

    Congratulations to your daughter! I just finished applying for my second and third teaching credential! I was a long 2.5 years but well worth it!

  • Dave Miller

    I have had the privilege of meeting Dawn through LiUNA training. She came to give me and our other five new instructors the “New instructor ” training. Dawn is so insightful and engaging that five day class felt like two! By far the most informative and fun class I have ever had the privilege of being in.

  • Diane

    Congratulations Dr Wink and Dr Wink! So, so proud of you both. I love hearing and reading about your successes. Life is filled with memories so keep making more. Love you both❤️❤️

  • Peggy Minter

    Congratulations to Dawn‼️🎉🎈
    I love seeing the two of you together❣️
    Oh what fun!!!

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