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How I Learned to Read (a 5 minute video)

How I Learned to Read (a 5 minute video)

July 3, 2019

Image by Illustrator Katie Knox.

Hi WinkWorld Readers,

A colleague reminded me about this video recently.  It answers the question: How did I learn to read, and how did my kids learn to read.  Spoiler Alert: They learned in the exact opposite way from me.

Dawn and I made this as a marketing tool for my “The Power of Story,” and then  I promptly forgot to use it.  I have told you previously that marketing a book is not my strength: Case in point.

Incidentally, if you read WinkWorld  on a regular basis, you know that I find Amazon prices very mystifying. Usually, I think they charge way too much, as do many others.  Since I complained the last time, they lowered the price for “The Power of Story” to $15.  It normally sells for $45 – grab it quick if you are interested, as I am sure that it will bounce way up again.

How did you learn to read?


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  • Sharon Whitehead-van Loben Sels

    LOVE this conversation and the tri-generational women that love reading! You should have a sell out for your book!

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