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Name Dropped from WinkWorld Readership

Name Dropped from WinkWorld Readership

November 14, 2017

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

I have recently learned that the software for WinkWorld dropped a few names from the readership.  I believe this to be a software glitch.  I use–not  

The reason I know this is because my name is one of those which was dropped.  

WinkWorld also goes out on some social media, in addition to being sent to those who sign up via email.  If you are on social media and see this post, you can check  @joanwink (Twitter)  and WinkWorld News to check to make sure you are receiving the blog post via email.  In addition, I usually post WinkWorld on my Facebook page, but I also post lots of other stuff there, so the blog posts are not all lined up in a nice chronological order.

If  you want to receive WinkWorld on your email,  just go to and sign up again (bottom right hand corner).







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