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Critical Pedagogy: A New Review

Critical Pedagogy: A New Review

February 2, 2019

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

What a nice surprise popped into my email today.  I do not know this reviewer, nor this journal, but it sure is a nice way to start a new day.  I very much appreciate Kyle LaPaglia’s review of Critical pedagogy: Notes from the real world (4th ed), which was just published in The Journal of Qualitative Research.  I note that LaPaglia cites Longman as the publisher.  Longman’s did publish the first edition, then Longman’s morphed into Addison Wesley, which morphed into Allyn & Bacon, which morphed into Pearson/Prentice Hall for the publication of the last edition.  It was a confusing and bumpy ride of publishing during those years, and I wondered how my editors could even find their desks when they came to work in the morning–much less, their present publisher.

LaPaglia’s book review is posted below.

Review of CP AJQR Jan 2019

Click in the box below to see the Table of Contents and a few live links for your reading pleasure.  


Critical Pedagogy 4th Edition

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