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What is the idea generator? Part Two

What is the idea generator? Part Two

October 8, 2018

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

In the previous issue of WinkWorld, I told a story about the idea generator (see bottom of this post).  Since that time, I have been searching and searching, as I had a vague memory of having written about it sometime, somewhere.  

FOUND, finally in my first edition of Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World, 1996. 

On pages 99,  I found this story of the idea generator.



Here is what my old, and much-loved book looks like today.


Here is the back cover.



I see Amazon still has new and used copies for sale for about $15.  Amazon is a complete mystery to me: Where are earth do they still get new copies, as it as been out of print for years?  And, how do they figure out their costs? The most recent edition of that book (4th) is usually so over-priced on Amazon. However, this issue of WinkWorld is about the idea generator–and, not the cost of books.



    wow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am teaching
    again, (I believe I mentioned at SFCC). I won’t be writing grants, but it great information…and the photos absolutely warm my heart!


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