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Those People: You Know How They Are

Those People: You Know How They Are

March 30, 2017


Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Recently, while working on a project with CO colleagues, I came across this long-forgotten article buried deep in my computer, which was published 10 years ago.  For me, it seems relevant today also.

However, one caveat: Do NOT read this unless you read to the end of the article.  Another word of caution: The word, hate, is used in this article.  Yes, I could soften it, but honestly, these are the exact words, which the teachers (graduate students) used.  When you get to the “Mimi” story, those drawings are her family’s historical artifacts.  I was particularly honored that she shared these primary sources with us.  It was extremely painful for her to relive that part of her life.  

I remember this experience, as one of the most powerful classroom experiences I ever had.  Thank you again to those who contributed.

Those People WinkWorld 3.29.2017



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