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The Power of Story: A Book Talk in WY by Deb Harrison

The Power of Story: A Book Talk in WY by Deb Harrison

August 21, 2022

Hello WinkWorld Readers,

If you follow WinkWorld, you know that I have been featuring blog posts on language acquisition, until I broke that pattern to share photos and memories from our Yankton College reunion and my Mobridge High School reunion. 

In this issue of WinkWorld, I share a book talk which Deb Harrison, a teacher in WY, created for her colleagues in her school district. Thank you, Deb.

The Power of Story by Joan Wink

Deb began with the following slide:

The Power of Reading by Steve Krashen

Next, Deb shared this animated review of The Power of Reading which she had created several years ago for one of my  grad classes at Black Hills State University.  At that time, she did not add the audio, but she added it here. Please note that she posted this also on YouTube.

Then, Deb and the teacher/participants at the book talk discussed the content of the chapters in The Power of Story.  Previously, Missy Urbaniak had created the following visual Table of Contents as a surprise gift for me, and Deb used these to guide the discussion.  If you click on each of the chapter images, they will become large enough for you to read.

Thank you Deb and Missy!



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  • Chris Kerfoot

    I remember reading The Power of Reading (a long, long time ago) when I was taking your classes, Joan. Thanks for the reminder that reading is important!

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