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Hunkered Down on My Dear Desert

Hunkered Down on My Dear Desert

July 17, 2017

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Time to hunkered down on my dear desert and begin/end all of the copy edits from the book compositors, who are the people who use laser focus on each word, sentence, image, citation of each page to make the book as clean as possible.  Now, it is my turn to emulate their laser focus as I review their comments/corrections.

As I do each chapter, my plan is to share a bit of the content with you visually, and I am so grateful to Missy Urbaniak, who one day surprised me with the visual of the contents of the whole book.  I actually have it laid out in front of me on my table now, as I work.

OK, I begin, as the cicadas are singing like crazy outside my slider door.

When I finish with the Preface, I will share it.


  • Kathy Grow

    I look forward to seeing your book, in bits and pieces and, eventually, as a wonderful whole! By the way, as a freelance copyeditor, I feel obligated to mention that you meant “hunker” in your first sentence, not “hunkered.” :>)

  • Kathy Grow

    Ah, we are looking at two different places! You are looking at your title — “Hunkered Down on My Dear Desert” and I am looking at your first sentence — “Time to hunkered down on my dear desert”! And, of course, I was never really critiquing your writing; just couldn’t resist the irony!

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