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Week 7: 2.23, Tech Tools and Voki

Week 7: 2.23, Tech Tools and Voki

February 23, 2016

WinkWorld Readers, again this issue is for the teachers in my class, but you are more than welcome to come along for the ride.  Teachers, last week you explored new software, and it was great fun to see your creations.

Below here, I will list some of the software which you used.  First, I have chosen to share a, which Jill created to impersonate me. Enjoy.  Jill reported that her students loved creating their own.

Several of you created Powtoons and others created StoryBoardThat

Another new software for me was Canva,  and two of you played with that. Others which you shared came from, FunBrain, Planbook, Remind, Prezi, Quizlet, Animoto, Socrative, and several examples from Google.

In language acquisition, we guard against ‘fossilization,” and apparently the same is now true of educational software.  It is too easy for us to fossilize in our use of just one or two types of software.  Not so, the students: They jump right in and try any of the formats.  We have to stay up with them.

Next week, we will have our midterm writing assignment.  You might want to watch this video again before you begin writing.

Week 6, 2.16, Krashen: Pulls it all together in 25 minutes.

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