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Reading a Story in a School: Imagine!

Reading a Story in a School: Imagine!

January 27, 2022

Dear WinkWorld Readers.

Reading a story in your neighborhood school: Imagine how fun. How beneficial. How interesting.  Recently, I had this opportunity in our neighborhood school, Atall, which is 50 miles from our ranch. Atall is a small (okay, tiny) rural school on the South Dakota prairies.







The teacher, Missy Urbaniak, read the English version, and I read the  Spanish version of  “Imagine” and “Imagina” by Juan Felipe Herrera, illustrated by Lauren Castillo, translated by Georgina L├ízaro, and published by Candlewick Press.  Herrera did not speak English when he entered school in the US.  He eventually became the Poet Laureate of the US.  This story captures parts of his childhood and a peak into a very special day at the Library of Congress. 


if you want to hear Dawn and I read this story aloud.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who reads this will also go to their local school and offer to read to kids?

Atall Emeritus

Some of  the former students of Atall School returned in December for the school program.  It was wonderful to see all of the students enjoying each other again.  Love these kids so much!



  • Sharon Biegen

    I love this–especially your video with Dawn!

  • Janet Towell

    I loved this read-aloud by you and Dawn of this wonderful story!! I also love Missy, her students and this amazing prairie school. I have such fond memories of my visit there with you, Joan. Thanks for sharing!!! XO

    • Joan Wink

      I love the memories of you visiting Atall, too. So happy you could come and really experience it. xo

  • Barbara Skalina

    We really enjoyed this video of you 2 girls .Love xox(I might have pushed dislike by accident meant to push like!!!)Barbara and Uri

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