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If You’re Not From the Prairie…,

If You’re Not From the Prairie…,

September 8, 2021


Dear WinkWorld Readers.

In this blog post, I am posting two oral readings of one of my all-time favorite books, “If You’re Not From the Prairie, . …”  David Bouchard is the author, and he does the first reading.  The second reading was created by Dean Wink and me during a blizzard a year or two ago.  I am sharing these, as Dawn Wink and I have been talking about her “Meadowlark” book talk, which will take place tonight September 8, 6 p.m. at the Faith Library.  Everyone in the audience will be from the prairie, and many will know the context of her novel, “Meadowlark.”   Some will even have known and loved Grandma Grace, the heroine of the novel. I knew Grandma Grace well. 

First, David Bouchard reads his novel.

And, second, Dean and I read “If You’re Not from the Prairie,….


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