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Paper or Pixel–Laptop or Longhand?

Paper or Pixel–Laptop or Longhand?

September 22, 2016

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This post is really for a group of friends/colleagues on Facebook, but this is just the easiest way for me to get this information to them. Stay with me; you will understand.

First, I posted this on my FB page.

“Paper or pixel? That is the question. I just was contacted by a teacher, who works for a district which will be going all digital for all kids; she teaches in primary. Yes, they have a lot of kids who come from families where languages other than English are spoken, and yes, they have high levels of poverty. The teacher understands that all kids will have to read digitally, but she wants books also–particularly for the younger children. I have provided her with information, as the district says they will listen IF she can provide support for her views. I opined that perhaps they should provide support for their views…..

Both the teacher and I would love to hear your thoughts and knowledge of specific citations. Thanks in advance. Let the dialogue begin.”

Next, the dialogue took off, and it was wonderful. The colleagues shared a lot of information.  I took the information and made a little bibliography, which I wanted to share back with this FB group.  However, I seem to be able to post videos and photos to FB, but not a Word doc or a pdf.  I read all of the Google/YouTube/Apple instructions, and the easiest/fastest option was simply to post the bibliography here and then share the URL with the group on FB.

Help yourself if you want it, too otherwise I am sorry to bother you.

Here you go, FB friends, who generated these citations.


For those of you following Ruthie Wienk and her discussion of Linguistics, the 2nd installment will soon be coming.




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