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EQRC and CARE Conferences: Update

EQRC and CARE Conferences: Update

February 27, 2019

Dear WinkWorld readers,

I am reposting all updated documents which we used at the EQRC and CARE conferences, as per the request of participants.  Help yourself.

First, EQRC with Dawn (The Research of Storytelling and Scholarly Personal Narrative)

EQRC 2019 RS SPN Narrative Inquiry 2.26 final

EQRC Feb 2019 handout 2.12 jw

Second, CARE with Le (Visually Vygotsky images, stories, newsletters)

VisuallyVygotskyWorkshop_CARE_19 final

CARE Feb 2019 handout_Feb9 jw

And, the winner of BEST SWEATER EVER (and, yes, she knit it herself).








  • LeAnn Putney

    EQRC and CARE – small but mighty conferences! We had folks worldwide in attendance and no snow so the weather cooperated for us. So fun to network and share our thoughts and ideas with others! I hope many will join us next year in February – watch for call for proposals in November!

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