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Books Which I Am Reading Now

Books Which I Am Reading Now

September 28, 2020

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Periodically, I share the books I am reading. Here we go…

I just received this treasured book from Profe Beto, my all-time favorite teacher. He wrote this to capture his family memories for his younger siblings. One of his colleagues, Armando Miguélez Martínez, had it published for Profe. What a treasured gift for me. Below here is something which I previously wrote about Adalberto M. Guerrero. I hope you enjoy.

Coincidentally, yesterday I unexpectedly received another treasure–this time from a former student, who had the kindest things to say about his memories of our time together.  See the cool card which he sent.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to this student who is now a fabulous teacher, too.

Teachers, are you, too, taking a moment to tell your former teachers how they enriched your life?  Just a thought.

Dawn sent me all of her Alexandra Fuller books, and I just couldn’t stop reading them. See the photos below.


How is it that I did not know her work?  The books are filled with true stories of her life in Africa and now in Wyoming.

One of my book clubs is reading the Chernow book below.  We begin the sharing on Wednesday this week.

One very big book: Only 300+ pages to go.

I loved reading the two books below. I will never forget the Ng fictional characters. I so hope that she is writing a sequel, as I need to know what happened to Mia and Pearl.

The Connie Schultz book, …and His Lovely Wife, was loaded with truth for many women.  I hope she writes another book, too.

I have only been sneaking peaks into the Guillén book, as Wink is reading it.  I am anxious to read it, as it tells our future.  Hang on.  I love reading futurists.

This author, who now lives in Aberdeen, SD, is new for me.  But, I notice that the more discouraged I become with the world, the more I slip away and read.  Maybe this book will help me crawl out of my cave.

I am so grateful that I love to read.

I hope that I also do a WinkWorld on all of my podcasts.  So fascinating.




  • Lindy Barnes

    Oh how I love book lists and recommendations from you and Dawn😄. I know that your books are going to challenge me, stretch my brain in different directions. Growing new and expanded little grey cells is a good thing. Thank you.

  • Moneik Stephens

    I have the NG book on hold at the library, hoping to read it for my alumni association reading group.

  • Thank you for this contribution. I live in a small-town community and crave
    intellectual stimulation. This is a great way to start my new year, as I hunker down for another year hoping to escape the Covid.

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