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My Favorite Teacher: Update August 26, 2019

My Favorite Teacher: Update August 26, 2019

August 27, 2019

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

I am often asked who my favorite teacher was, and even though I am very aware that I have been blessed with the very best, there is still one, who shines brightest: Profe Beto, mi Maestro.  Today I had the glorious gift of being with him and listening to his stories again.  A very, very special day.  Please meet Profesor Adalberto Guerrero, who was my professor at the University of Arizona in the mid-80s.

Previously, I wrote a story about how I used to follow him around campus and listen outside of his classroom door.  I guess we could say that I was “stalking” him.   This story was previously posted on WinkWorld and was also published in Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It?, which Dawn and I wrote and published with Pearson in 2004, pp. 12-14.

Honoring Teachers: My All-Time Fav, Profe Beto

Who was your favorite teacher?  Have you told her or him?  I did. Hope you do, too.


  • Sharon Whitehead-van Loben Sels

    You Dr. Joan Wink…….you were my favorite teacher! My mind expanded in your classes and the learning was measurable. Critical pedagogy was a gift introduced by you and has changed the lens with which I see the world. I love you! Thank you.

    • Joan Wink

      Love you right back! Remember that first class upstairs in the Classroom Bldg? And, remember that good-looking CHIPS guy who kept walking by our classroom door? Oh, yeah, I remember: He is now your dear husband.

  • Sharon Biegen

    Hi Joan, I’m enjoying getting to know about your passionate interests, and being inspired by your words! There were several “best” teachers in my life who inspired me, and most importantly, helped me to see undiscovered parts of myself. Thanks for evoking these memories! —Sharon

    • Joan Wink

      Thanks for your generous words, and yes, I am sure you have had special teachers! Hope you tell them.

  • Christopher J. Roe

    long time! I loved this story – it resonated with me for a couple of reasons. 1- when I was a teacher educator, this was one assignment given to student teachers – reach out to their favorite teacher and let them know why. 2. I share my favorite teachers with new teachers in the induction program, beginning their first years of teaching, letting them know the impact of their position. Mrs. Bost, 2nd grade. She wore mumus and slippers every day. She was kind, loving, strong, strict and had a deep, smoker’s voice. She brought the world into our classroom and exposed us to so much learning, even inviting the whole class to her house at Christmas. I got to speak at her retirement and told her why she was my favorite teacher. Love to you!

    • Joan Wink

      Love your story, Chris! And, now even the research tells us that kids learned better when they are loved. No shock for you, I am sure. Love to you and fam.

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