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Language Acquisition: 3 perspectives by Ruthie Wienk

Language Acquisition: 3 perspectives by Ruthie Wienk

September 27, 2016

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

You may remember that in a previous edition of WinkWorld, Ruthie Wienk shared her introduction to a linguistics class, which she is teaching.  We will continue with selected videos, which Ruthie is creating for class.

In the video posted here, Ruthie continues with a presentation on 3 perspectives on language acquisition.  I particularly like her explanation of Dynamic Systems Theory (DST). I appreciate the work of Tom Rainforth of the University of Cambridge, who created a computer-produced simulation of a mathematical system.  Similar simulations can be seen at the, September 21, 2016, which were made available October 16, 2013.

To see Ruthie’s first video on her introduction to linguistics, see WinkWorld, September 16, 2016; click here.







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