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Prairie School Post #17: COVID Edition

Prairie School Post #17: COVID Edition

May 19, 2020


Dear WinkWorld Readers,

As you know, I have written other blog posts about prairie pedagogy–and, particularly about a little one/two room school, Atall School on the isolated northern prairies of South Dakota.

Atall School

COVID is hard for all of us.  Like families everywhere, the Atall families this spring have been homeschooling. Missy Urbaniak, the teacher, has been ZOOMing with the kids/families to keep the learning alive.  It has been challenging on many levels for all. Recently,  I was feeling discouraged, and a message came from Missy, telling me that, even in this chaotic spring schedule, the students had completed their final student newsletter, Prairie School Post (PSP) of the academic year.  The students’ writing inspired me and brought a little tear of joy.  The writing of these students fills me with hope. When you click on the link below, the student newspaper will open.

Prairie School Post 17 SPRING 2020

Posted below is a previous blog post (1/17/2020),  where more Prairie School Posts are mentioned.

Jack Frost or Robert Frost?

Below here are some recent photos of the Aall students.

Here the students are celebrating 100 days of school (Feb.27, 2020), and they dressed as if they were 100 years old. Atall School Students 

And, in the photo below, the students did get to go skiing before school closed for COVID.

Atall School Ski Trip

Just had to post the most recent PSP–now back to the queue: SUNY, Oswego and “spin doctors.”


  • LeAnn Putney

    I loved the Newsletter – so uplifting. I must admit, my favorite story was about Lambie Pies because I had a little black lamb as a kid on the farm in Indiana. I had a pet baby calf as well, plus lots of cats (Favorite was a beautiful ginger long-hair mama named Goldfinger) and a wonderful border collie dog named Suzie. Suzie’s main job was to guard the gate to the cattle pen while the guys drove the tractor and feed wagon through to fill the troughs at feeding time. The stories brought back many of my own memories growing up rural!

    • Joan Wink

      So happy you that you found time to actually read their newsletter, Le. Yes, those little sisters are thriving with all of their lambs.

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