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What is equity? What is equality?

What is equity? What is equality?

January 26, 2021

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

I didn’t mean to send out another WinkWorld so quickly, but today I bumped into a discussion of educational equity and equality.   The discussion I heard made me want to share my understandings of equity.

Below, I am posting a couple of images, which I believe capture the notion of equity and equality. Both of these examples are used often, but I do not know the original creator, but there are many versions on the web.  I appreciate the work of the artist, as it is hard to take a complex idea and make it accessible for all.  

If that little guy on the right is treated equally, he does not have equity.

And, sometimes a flower is used to show how equality and equity are different.  All of the flowers need sun, and sometimes we have to make adaptations to keep them all thriving.

Below the words of Einstein speak clearly to help us understand. If we give the same exam to all, it is equal, but does not provide equity. 

Below I am posting something I recently wrote about standardized tests, but it is  really about equity.  Happy reading.

Why do we keep trying to standardized kids? Click here.

What is equity, and why does it matter?

It’s all about fairness.

Thank you to ThinkingMaps for the attached article you will see when you click on fairness.






  • Chris Kerfoot

    Joan, this reminds me of something I heard at a workshop: Treating students fairly does not mean treating them all the same. It means giving each student what he or she needs.

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