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Meet Missy: The Teacher at Atall

Meet Missy: The Teacher at Atall

December 13, 2023

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

If you are a regular reader of WinkWorld, you know that I am writing about a  tiny school, Atall, on the prairies.  You also know that I find Missy Urbaniak, to be an awesome teacher of Atall School (K-8).  In the photo above, Missy meets reknown children’s author, Jan Brett, who is autographing a book which I gifted to Missy and students of Atall.

Recently South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) did a feature on the tiny schools in our county.  We, prairie people, have enjoyed many parts of this video, but for our purposes today on WinkWorld,  I invite you to meet Missy.  Thank you to SDPB for sharing this link  publicly. The video is about 5 minutes total.  Missy first appears at about 57 seconds, and again at about 4 minutes.  She concludes the video at about 4:40  when she spontaneously says, “It’s my dream job.”

The  Rural School Traditions of Meade County, Dakota Life, SDPB

SDPB Radio | By Tim Davison
Published December 8, 2023 at 6 AM. CST

Rural schools brought people together before they were called South Dakotans. Today, those schools continue to keep strong and unique rural traditions alive for the next generation of students and teachers.

Link to article on SDPB Radio website:




  • Sharon Biegen

    Thank you, Joan, for once again bringing these wonderful country schools to life!

  • Mary Kay Sandal

    Thank you for sharing this great video of Missy and the country schools! Our school was N Schoening in Haakon County, 25 miles NW of Philip! Cooking a whole potatoe on the coal stove was a treat in the winter, our only “hot lunch”!

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