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Influential She

Influential She

January 27, 2020

Dear WinkWorld readers, be forewarned, there is a bit of self-promotion coming…. However, I truly am honored to have been one of many women featured by Influential She. In what follows, I will share two short audio clips with quotes and a 30 minute audio interview. We begin with a photo of Melody Schopp, on your left and Deb Soholt on your right. Their words of introduction of me follow.

February 20, 2020, tweet from Influential She

“This week we take you to Howes, SD to meet Dr. Joan Wink, an extraordinary woman, both a professor in California and a ranch wife in SD. Author on the power of story she shared, “Using story has helped me be braver and more honest.”


What is Influential She?

Influential She is the “go-to voice for accelerating women’s influence.” I love that they confess they are not just another leadership “thingy for chicks.” Mel Schopp and Deb Soholt, two terrific women, began this new social media conversation. It has been thrilling and fun to get to know the two of them better, and I am very excited about the potential they are creating for women. I strongly encourage you to check out their website and decide for yourself. Click here.


Two short clips of tiny parts of the interview.

The 30 minute interview.

3 Models of Pedagogy poster, and Joan Wink


Personal Note to Mel and Deb

Deb and Mel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing some of my passion for stories about teaching and learning.


  • Janet Towell

    This is just terrific, Joan. Congratulations! You are certainly one of the most influential women I know and such a powerful storyteller 😊. Thank you!!!

  • Sharon Biegen

    Hi Joan,
    I especially loved hearing YOUR story! Although I knew some of your journey, it was nice to have the gaps filled in. You certainly are a Remarkable woman!

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