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Fun With Words, Collective Nouns

Fun With Words, Collective Nouns

January 15, 2016

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This post is specifically for teachers, who just want to have a little fun with words today in class.


A bunch of kids

A patch of menders

A herd of horses

A pack of dogs

A gaggle of geese

A clutch of chickens

A school of fish

A charm of goldfish

A covey of parrots

A stitch of quilter

A litter of cubs

A ruffle of lacemakers

A gang of elk

A colony of ants

A pod of butterflies

A swarm of eels

A knot of toads

A rhumba of rattlesnakes (However, we never say that when we see one.)

A worship of writers

An equivocation of politicians

A consort of corgis

A congress of baboons

A stitch of lace

A murder of crows

A rash of dermatologists

A multitude of mushrooms

A friendship of women (Ok, it’s true: I made up that one.)

A pile of cats.

.a pile of cats


(Can’t make up that one.)

Thank you, Rose from SD; Betty from AZ; and Dwight from NB for sharing a few of these with us. I know you can find these on the web, but it really is more fun to discover them in the context of reading or conversation with others.

Collective Nouns


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