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3 Models of Pedagogy, Copyrights, and the Citation

3 Models of Pedagogy, Copyrights, and the Citation

August 3, 2020

3 Models of Pedagogy

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

The purpose of this WinkWorld is to discuss my ambivalent feelings regarding copyright rules and regs.  When I publish, I always try to error on the side of being conservative: I am sure I get permissions when I don’t have to do so, but I do this out of respect for my colleagues. 

However, I am well-aware that much of my writing and my images are all over the web, and teachers can grab and share when something fits their needs.  I always appreciate an acknowledgement, but I do not worry much about it, as I have years of pedagogical materials, and I really only want to share with teachers, librarians, and families.

However, when it comes to images, apparently I feel more strongly–particularly if an image was created for me by a former student, Dayna, who captured my story of pedagogy in Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World.  Dayna’s painting depicts exactly what I wrote (and she read) in that book. It is a treasure, and I have the original painting hanging on our bedroom wall.

Recently, I discovered that a group of colleagues was using this image (without an acknowledgement to Dayna, nor my book) as their profile image on Facebook. I privately messaged and asked them to connect with me, as I was going to send them the image, plus the citation to use.  They did not respond to me, and soon their Facebook page had been removed.

I am aware that this image has been used a lot, as our daughter, Dawn, is a teacher educator, and she tells me that her future teachers regularly turn in my image for their power point assignment in their educational theory class. The students are not aware that Dawn might recognize it. She takes delight in telling the students that the original is hanging painting on her mom’s & dad’s bedroom wall, and it comes from one of her mom’s books.

So, for you, dear readers, at the top of this blog post, I have posted the the image with the citation.

In addition, here is the story, + citation, from my book about the image.

Critical Pedagogy 3rd Ed – Practicing Pedagogy Patiently


Influential SHE and 3 Models of Pedagogy

When I was interviewed for Influential SHE, there were so many stories, which they could have shared.  I was pleased that they chose to share the 3 models of pedagogy image.

InfluentialSHE and 3 Models of Pedagogy



  • Connie Bratten

    Hi Joan:

    I enjoyed reading your take on copyrights. You are so generous and fair. The image from your book is so pretty. The artist is very talented. I took a screen shot of it, including the citation, to hang in my desk area at home just for my own enjoyment. Let me know if that is not ok. Love you.


  • Christopher J. Roe

    Love Dayna’s art work. I remember this in your office when she turned it in! XO

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