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Flat Stanley, or Jaylee on a Journey with Joan

Flat Stanley, or Jaylee on a Journey with Joan

November 21, 2016


jaylee-in-sabinoDear WinkWorld Readers,

Some of you are aware of Flat Stanley and Flat Stella literacy and community project.  The primary purpose is to connect children and classrooms with others in other locations.  This international process began in 1964, when Jeff Brown published his first “Flat Stanley” book for children.  In the book, a bulletin board falls on the hero, Stanley Lambchop, and “Flat Stanley” was born.  He takes many adventures as he finds that he can slip under doors.

The Official Site for Flat Stanley

Recently, I was in an airport when I received the following text:

“Joan, will you take a Flat Stanley.”

“Sure, who are you?” as the teacher had not signed her name, and I did not know her phone number.

My Flat Stanley, who I immediately named “Jaylee on a Journey with Joan” arrived via USPS in Tucson, where I picked her up.  Jaylee and I had many adventures, which I want to share with her and with you.

First, we went for a hike in Sabino Canyon with Luke, #2 grandson.  It was a beautiful day. Jaylee, you climbed high up the side of the cliff with Luke.


We also admired the gorgeous bougainvillea.


And, we read.




We bought some new books, which you really enjoyed.



A couple more books which you loved.


We wrapped a few gifts.

We even took a plane together.



When we got back to SD, we went outside to wait for the super moon to rise.


And, you got to meet my friend, Kelly, who is going to have her baby at any moment.


The highlight of our journey was when we went to Atall School, which is an isolated little school about 25 m. East of Bear Butte.  All of the kids were so happy that you had come to visit.


I enjoyed our journey, Jaylee.  I hope I get to meet you someday!

Your new friend, Joan



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