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Reading During the Testing Season

Reading During the Testing Season

April 8, 2017

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This post is for all the teachers who are slogging through testing season.  Teachers, I know you know all that I am posting below, but sometimes it just helps to be reminded of what really works when it comes to reading and learning.  As you go through the pain of testing, maybe you and the students can some moments for healing and reading.

This list was compiled while I was listening to a group of teachers talk about, What Works With Reading.


Be seen reading. Read to kids. Read with kids.

Make Available for Students the Best Selection of Books Possible

Use the library; use your friends and colleagues to have engaging, compelling, and comprehensible books. Create time for students to explore and choose books.

Exit Paper

Keep blank paper on students’ desk at all times. When class is dismissed, students hand you the paper, as they exit the room. Respond and return papers to students the next day.


Let students see your enjoyment of reading. Create time for students to enjoy reading.

Read Alouds

Read, read, read lots of stories to kids of all ages. Make time for students to talk about the stories.

Color. Color. Color.

Read books with beautiful illustrations.


Bring in flashlights, pillows, treats and host a read-in.

Time and Variety

Allow time for reading: partner reading, coral reading, silent reading, oral reading.

Hug a Book

Hug a book in front of the students. Give the students a little background, and then ask, “Would you like to hear more tomorrow?”

Wordless Picture Books, Comics, and Graphic Novels

Create an extensive collection.

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