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The Power of Story Chapter Six

The Power of Story Chapter Six

July 21, 2017

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Here we go with a peak into chapter six, Into the Clouds.  This is the pixel or paper chapter. I have previously written about this on 9-12-16 ad 9-20-16, which you can find at WinkWorld News at

I love the look at this mom’s face, as she watches her son read on his device. Thanks, Katie Knox.

In the Visual posted below, you can see the table of contents (TOC) for this chapter.  Thanks, Missy Urbaniak.

The following is a short story of how I like to read.

Let me again remove all mystery, and let you know that I prefer to read hard copy books, but I spend most of each day reading digitally. I begin every day with lots of online reading, and I end every day with a book in my hands, except that sometimes, I awake and find that the book has fallen onto my face. I think I must be one who likes the tactile experience of a book, and I also love making notes in the book for the next reader. I have novels downloaded on my devices, but even when I get on a plane, I note that I still grab a light paperback. There you have my bias, or at least one of them.


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