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Krashen, Harrison, and Wink videos

Krashen, Harrison, and Wink videos

September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This WinkWorld edition is primarily for those interested in literacy and language acquisition.  First, I am sharing an overview of some recent videos from Stephen D. Krashen.  This summary and these annotations were organized by a teacher, Deb Harrison from Wyoming, who also is in one of my English as a New Language (ENL) classes at Black Hills State University.

See Krashen videos here. Thank you, Deb Harrison

You may remember her from her high school project on Poe and Powtoons, which I shared last year.

See Poe and Powtoons here.

In addition to Steve’s and Deb’s sharing, you may remember that I (with the help of CSU Stanislaus and Black Hills State University) created several videos which focus specifically on language acquisition.

See Joan’s videos here.

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