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Remember Those 2 Young Boys from the Congo?

Remember Those 2 Young Boys from the Congo?

January 14, 2016

Remember the two young boys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), who suddenly found themselves living with new families in a new country with a new language, new customs, new food…and, no friends?

2 New Students from the Congo

Whatever Happened with Those 2 Boys from the Congo?

3 Months Later The Teacher Wrote on Facebook.

In October I started one of the scariest challenges of my teaching career; I had two young boys from the Congo start with no English! Today, only 3 months later they each presented to their class a project we had been working on about their life before coming to America. Many nights I leave work tired, exhausted, and sometimes even frustrated; but then I have days like today that remind me how incredibly lucky I am to work with such amazing students. And it’s all worth it!!

WinkWorld Readers: Your Test Question.

Where in the world in the Congo?  Grab a piece of paper and draw Africa. Now, draw where the DRC is located.

THANK YOU to this teacher and this school community!

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