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Confessions of a Podcast Nerd: “Check This Out”

Confessions of a Podcast Nerd: “Check This Out”

November 5, 2018

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

I confess, I am a podcast nerd.  I have been planning to share with you some of the podcasts, which I listen to regularly, but the purpose of this WinkWorld is to share only one of them with you: “Check This Out With Ryan and Brian” available from iTunes – Apple, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, and any place where podcasts can be found.

It focuses on innovation and all-things-education for teachers. Brian Briggs and Ryan O’Donnell are the two teachers, who created and operate this podcast. Brian and Ryan strike me as energetic and passionate teachers and learners–who also are very hip.  Meet Ryan and Brian.

I have never met Ryan, but I have known Brian since our Davis, CA days when Bo, our son, and Bryan were teeny-bopper best buddies. Meet Bo and Brian in junior high school, when Bo was running for a class office.

Later Brian was in the teacher credential program at California State University, Stanislaus where I taught.  I continue to stay connected with him, as we do share an interest in all-things-education.

I am honored that Brian shared on the podcast his perspectives on our many connections. In the following podcast on gratitude, (Giving Thanks #97 episode), they are discussing the importance of gratitude and reaching out to others who have touched your life. Brian mentioned a high school teacher, Don Harman 10 minutes into the podcast, and me, 16 minutes into the podcast.

If you want to listen to this podcast, click here.


Ryan and Brian discuss how gratitude changes you and your brain

Brian and Ryan know that students are changing, and that educators need to change with them.  Their work is free professional development on innovation in teaching with technology.  They recognize that some teachers welcome change, and others are more cautious.  They also are aware that the majority of teachers are somewhere between those two extremes.  

I know that Brian and Ryan are very involved with which is a nonprofit community of connected educators focused on improving education for all learners in CA and NV.  If you do not live in those two states, do not worry, as I follow them online.  Their goal is to inspire innovative educators.

Fall Cue 2018 

The Biggest Little Conference on the West Coast 

In this podcast, Ryan and Brian, are reminding us to reach out and tell someone how much we appreciate them.  I appreciate each of you taking time to read my musings.


  • Sharon Whitehead-van Loben Sels

    Love the Ryan and Brian show! What a wonderful tribute to you and thank you for introducing me to the podcast. 🙂

    • Joan Wink

      Hey Sharon, you may know Brian – he is over in the Plumas district, and her used to be a Twin Rivers. They live in Davis.

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