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Krashen videos: Update

Krashen videos: Update

September 26, 2015

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

In the previous WinkWorld, I shared a Word doc, created by Deb Harrison, which shared several of Krashen’s more recent videos on YouTube; this involved you downloading the doc and then doing a copy/paste of each URL.  In this WinkWorld, my intention is to make  some of these links more accessible: No copy/paste, just click. The following list of YouTube links will follow the same order, as the Word doc on the previous WinkWorld for those who want to read the annotated summary of each video.

See previous WinkWorld here.

See Textbook vs Story (2014)  Book by Krashen here, 54 minutes.

Here Steve Krashen (2015) present to the1st International ELT Symposium, Part 1: 3 videos follow, each about 20minutes.

Comprehension Hypothesis compared with Skill Building.

British Council Interviews/International ELT Symposium, Part 2

How to make input comprehensible and compelling.

British Council Interviews/International ELT Symposium, Part 3.

In this final video, Steve talks about the positive effects of technology on kids’ reading, and he mentions Rosetta Stone and Accelerated Reading.

I refer you back to the previous WinkWorld to grab Deb Harrison’s Word doc with even more of Krashen’s recent videos.

OK, you can watch Joan’s videos, too.  You can probably guess what the content for my class is this week.  I very much appreciate the tech support from California State University, Stanislaus and Black Hills State University.



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