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Best 2 Books of the Last 6 Months

Best 2 Books of the Last 6 Months

May 19, 2021

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

I love to share my books with others, and recently a friend returned a pile of borrowed books to me.  It was like visiting with ol’ friends.  I stacked up the books in order of favorite to least favorite.

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles was my most favorite book of  the last 6 months.  I had no idea that a quircky and courageous group of French and American readers tried to save the American Library in Paris during World War II.  Goodreads has a lot of good comments, but the link would not work on my blog–not sure why.  Here is a good link on Amazon.

My 2nd favorite book of the last 6 months did not make this stack of books, as I had not read it yet.  A wonderful young 7th grade girl told me I must read her copy of Booked by Kwame Alexander–so, I did. I was hooked by the 4th page.  I absolutely loved it.  I suspect it is written for teenage boys, but it felt like it was written for me.  Here is the link on Nerdy BookClub. Thank you, dear Emma.

Booked is written in verse form–don’t let that scare you off.  The narrative is very compelling–a real page-turner.

When I returned Booked to Emma, she quickly gave me 4 more books to read.  Joan Bauer here I come. 

Meet Joan Bauer.

 Thank you  to Missy Urbaniak for drawing the image of a blank book at the top. Missy is the teacher at Atall School  (K-8) where Emma is a student.

Snow is gone.



  • i cried when i read Marley & Me

  • Lorna Larson

    Love the suggestions! And I miss reading! Reading is like meditation, you have to tune out all the noise around you and quiet your mind. Summer is coming, time to sit in my swing and read!

    • Joan Wink

      Reading is like meditation.
      May I quote you? 😉
      Writing can be another form of meditation, too.

  • Heidi Komes

    I have read some amazing books because of those wonderful students at Atall. Right now I am reading Booked and it is great!!

    • Joan Wink

      Heidi, I loved that book, too, and couldn’t stop reading! I must read some more Kwame Alexander.
      Happy last day of school for you.

  • Cathe McCoy

    Hi Joan,

    I saw your blog notice this morning and had to find out who you were inspiring to cherish books. Of course, the answer: Everyone, you can!!
    Yes, I agree that reading is like meditation. It provides vast spaciousness and limitless possibilities.

    • Joan Wink

      Oh, Cathe, may I quote yoo?! 😉 Love your description of reading! What are you reading right now. I am lost in “The Lions of Fifth Avenue.’

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