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Storytelling as Research: A Bibliography

Storytelling as Research: A Bibliography

February 21, 2018


Dear WinkWorld Readers,

The beauty of a blog is that you can read, whenever you have time or interest. The same is true for me, in that I can post when I have time and interest.  As a reader, you can always go to  WinkWorld News to find something which had been previously posted. 

I noted that in the previous posts, when I shared some of our treasures and memories, so many of you wrote to me individually and shared your personal experiences. Thank you.

Today, we are moving forward with some ideas, which I am exploring.  I will probably post several times in the next few days, and you can read whenever it is good for you. I am fascinated by Storytelling as Research and have started a bibliography. These are all new-to-me citations, since my latest book, “The Power of Story” was published in November 2017.   If you want to add other citations in the Comment sections or to me privately, I’ll compile and re-share at a later date.

Here’s the deal: I make. You take. 

Storytelling as Research Bibliography JWink 2.18




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