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BEST 90th Birthday Party Ever

BEST 90th Birthday Party Ever

April 3, 2016

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

In this edition, I will try to capture bit of magic: The 90th birthday party for Betty Jay, who has always been like my mother, since she and her husband, Bill, moved into our house, when I was 5-years-old to take care of my brother and me.  They were there 3 + years, and those years must be significant, as all that I am I owe to her in large part.

First, you need to know that we think she still looks like Betty Boop, which triggered the theme for our party.

Betty Boop Harley cutout

Betty humored us by wearing her Betty Boop t-shirt to her party.

Betty at home

Before the party, all 6 Bormann siblings, who had driven and flown in from various states, arrived to surprise Betty with a serenade: Major Magic.

Betty with singers

Betty and great-grand, Kira.

Betty Kira

Betty and family.

Betty & family

Driving Miss BettyBoop to her party.

Betty Boop Wink arriveJPG

We all love you, Betty, and we are looking forward to your 100th birthday party!


  • Mary Kay Sandal

    Magical! One word for your friend Betty Boop, serene, it so comes through in the party pictures! I am so glad I got to visit her house one time with you! May you and she have lots more loving and living time together!

  • Diane Kindt

    The party was a success and one Betty will remember forever. She is an amazing woman who has touched so many of us who live in Mobridge. And you, Joan, make her eyes sparkle when she sees you or talks about you. What a blessing you have been in her life. Mission 90th birthday party accomplished!

    • Joan Wink

      Diane, we never, ever could have done it without your on-the-ground help. Thanks so much!

  • She is beautiful!! And so young!! so inspiring!!

  • Kathy Grow

    Oh, this is wonderful! And everything you said and showed brings back wonderful memories for our family, too. Thanks, Joan. Happy birthday, Mrs. Jay!

  • Ione Stiles

    I am so sad to have missed Betty’s party. Can’t wait to visit with her about it!!!!! Thanks to the organizers! 🎂

  • Fay Jackman

    I always wanted to grow up to be just like Betty. From the time I was 12 until now.

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