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TCNJ: ESL, Bilingual, Literacy, Language Acquisition Master Candidates #1

TCNJ: ESL, Bilingual, Literacy, Language Acquisition Master Candidates #1

August 14, 2021

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This issue of WinkWorld is directed specifically to a group of teachers in New Jersey.  When they initially received a federal grant five years ago to begin working on their  degree, I was there to wish them well, as they began their journey on their masters degrees.  The grant is ending now, and their masters degrees have been completed, and I am  invited to share with them again at the end of the program.  An honor, indeed.

TCNJ teachers, in this WinkWorld, I am enclosing today’s draft of our agenda, with lots of live links for you to have as resources.  In addition, I am enclosing several YouTube videos which I made with the support of CSU, Stanislaus and Black Hills State University.  During our time together, we will discuss if the ideas about language acquisition from the 1980’s have stood the test of time.

Help yourself, anyone, if this is something you can use.  I will be sending more resources soon.

The agenda, ‘Putting It All Together.’

putting-it-all-together Aug. 13

A few YouTube videos, which I created.

I will be posting more materials for you in the coming week.

See you soon.







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  • Angela Borgia

    Thank you so much Professor Wink for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!

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