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WinkWorld is back.

WinkWorld is back.

January 15, 2014

Hello Friends,

I have made some major changes on my webpages, which will hopefully feel seamless for you. Previously, WinkWorld was an html newsletter with only one-way communication. It will now be a blog with two-way communication.

I will continue to post WinkWorld about 8 times/year, but also I have added a new little interactive blog-spot (The Latest from Joan) on My purpose is to share interesting ideas, which happen to be lying around on my desktop or my desk…or perhaps, even in my head or heart. I will continue to focus on learning and life.

The transfer to a new host site will take place this week. It is possible that we could have a few little glitches on the website for a couple of days, but by next week all should be up and running.

I will link the little blog-spot to Facebook, Google +, and Twitter for easier access.

From the bottom of my heart (and harddrive), I want to thank Susan Henley Spreitzer, and Denise Wurm,, who have made this webpage transition possible. Troy Hall of Black Hills State University has also provided me with great support. #Grateful.

Joan’s Contact Information
On Facebook, Google +, and Twitter, I am listed as Joan Wink. (I am a LinkedIn dropout.)

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