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Kitchen Calves

Kitchen Calves

April 16, 2016

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

Today on the ranch.

porch ap 15


I seem to remember reading some pesky memo, which said that I was to have my syllabus for my Mallorca class posted on Canvas by today.  No problem–I was making great progress, when these two little guys popped into the kitchen to warm up from our cold spring snow and rain.  There goes the syllabus…

2 calves kitchen

They were shivering so badly, and we just kept rubbing and rubbing to try to warm them.  After a couple of hours, we did get each of them to take some warm milk.

Joan 2 calves

We have now moved both of them to a nice, warm pile of hay in the barn.

Let the clean up begin.


I am hoping that this will be the first and the last WinkWorld I write from the dirty, smelly kitchen floor.  Back to the syllabus.


  • Cathy Yaap

    I would never be able to guess what you would be doing on any given day. I love it. Life is so different on the ranch. Love you

  • Jackie Villines

    This just made my day! Life on the ranch is priceless. Thank you for sharing.

    • Joan Wink

      Thanks, Jackie. Hope life is good for you. I posted another calving-type photo yesterday on FaceBook; you might enjoy it.

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