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Honoring Teachers: My All-Time Fav, Profe Beto

Honoring Teachers: My All-Time Fav, Profe Beto

May 8, 2019

Dear WinkWorld Readers,

This is the week that we are all honoring teachers.  There is not doubt in my mind that I have been blessed with some of the very best, but if  I had to choose just one, I know who it would be: Profe Beto.  This story was published in Teaching Passionately: What’s Love Got To Do With It?, which Dawn and I published with Pearson in 2004, pp. 12-14.  I am thrilled that Profe Beto and I have recently reconnected, and we will meet again this summer.

This is a photo of Dawn and me, during the years when Profe Beto was my teacher.

I share this with the hope that some of you will also reconnect with some of your former and favorite teachers.  Thanks, TEACHERS everywhere, we love you and so appreciate all you do for our greatest resource: children.

Teaching Passionately – Professor Beto


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