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The Power of Reading by S. Krashen: A Powtoons by Deb Harrison

The Power of Reading by S. Krashen: A Powtoons by Deb Harrison

June 20, 2022

Hi WinkWorld Readers,

As you know, I started a series on language acquisition and literacy development in the previous WinkWorld. We began with a 25-minute video by Steve Krashen, who paints a broad picture of  language acquisition, literacy development, foreign language instruction, ESL/EAL, bilingual education, etc.  It is all about communication.

The video is like the story of my professional life–I started as a high school Spanish teacher (Philadelphia), moved to junior high language arts and then more high school Spanish to kids  who were already bilingual (Benson AZ), eventually  to pre-K Spanish immersion and bilingual programs (Davis, CA), and then teacher preparation and bilingual teacher preparation (TX A&M and CSUS), and I finally landed in literacy, the connecting thread throughout my entire career.

The Power of Reading by Steve Krashen is one of the books which really helped me understand all of this.  Deb Harrison, who was a student in one my classes at Black Hills State University, once turned in this Powtoons which captured some of these ideas.  Deb is now a high school teacher in Wyoming.  We hope you enjoy.  Thank you, Deb, for sharing.

There is no audio–just follow the writing with your own power of reading.

Somehow all of my treasured books  end up being redecorated.  Below, you will see an earlier edition of The Power of Reading.

Yes, that darling little boy in an Eagles football shirt really is Dean Austin Wink of the Wisconsin Winks.  He is now a geology student at the University of Wisconsin,White Water. I am thrilled to have another “rock hound” in our family.  I know my Grampy Dave would be happy, as he was our very own “pebble puppy.”










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